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It's My Car!!
Wednesday, 2 December, 2015
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LG  *  3-Dec-2015
Sorry guys but there is nothing representing LG in this Toon!.. that "Beetle" & "Green 1986 Chevy" Sooo NOT LG....RH and Lioness can have this one.......LOL... Last I heard they revoked RH "Black Card" & "Drivers License" once I sent him packing...
Femme Pouvoir  *  3-Dec-2015
LG they go basidy when they go shopping and pick up any and anything price doent matter, ingredients, health factors/risk worse they just buy and go and then put the blame on us especially if they are home alone with the children and you gone overseas for a workshop or an important meeting.
Rough House  *  3-Dec-2015
By the way, Toonman we need an edit button to edit our comments after discovering a mistake when we have posted our comments, rather than having to post our corrections in another post.
Rough House  *  3-Dec-2015
Sorry, I meant BAGS!!!
Rough House  *  3-Dec-2015
If carrying her bag around is all the work, then I'll say yes.
G-Baby  *  3-Dec-2015
LOL u think u smart u mean stay home an let LG do all the work
Rough House  *  2-Dec-2015
That is why I stay at home and let LG shop alone!
LG  *  2-Dec-2015
Color Blind and he passed the Idiot test... Cars are not same color or model!...SMH...Maybe shopping made him delirious... A guess when some men have to spend money (mm mm. rh..) they get confused!
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