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Drastic Measures
Thursday, 10 December, 2015
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pancake man  *  13-Dec-2015
naaaarrrrrrr man I wouldn't take that job.... " I'm sorry but I think I got another position" lol lol lol
Hotta  *  11-Dec-2015
*coverface* well well well thats all a going say
Hotta  *  11-Dec-2015
*coverface* well well well thats all a going say
Rough House  *  11-Dec-2015
I've seen erasers brought to situations and it was used to rub out who brought it.
LG  *  11-Dec-2015
RH you do realize that Toonman is the owner of Toonville and with a "Click" of a button and a pocketful of crayons....he can go Miami anytime he want to!.. See... Toonman brings a "Big" eraser to the table!... so you better watch yourself...
Rough House  *  11-Dec-2015
Toonman, make sure you and LG aren't no where in my sight. LG knows she won't be going anywhere with you Toonman. Don't cause yourselves to go MIA Toonman and LG.
LG  *  10-Dec-2015!...the "drastic measures" some people take when holiday time come and they dont want spend!... well Toonman its just you and me for the holidays..put RH plaque on the wall as..."MIA".....missing in ACTION!.....literally!!!
Rough House  *  10-Dec-2015
LG, I only accept what I can handle. Being your husband involved too much knock bout, I don't recall the Minister saying I should accept abuse from you. I had to pull out, you go find another man to knock bout you hear.
LG  *  10-Dec-2015
RH........Are your words of advise coming from experience?.... Cause you seem to like to accept "Positions" you cant handle!
Rough House  *  10-Dec-2015
Partner go through with it and when they offer your a position, DECLINE!
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