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Anti Climatic
Friday, 11 December, 2015
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LG  *  15-Dec-2015
Okay Keenan Ivory Wayans aka RH.....
Rough House  *  15-Dec-2015
LG, you know how you women are. You cut your hair off, your eyelashes, you clip your nails, you pluck your eyebrows to do what? To put on the fake ones! I really don't get it. LG looked so beautiful when she has her natural stuff, but I really don't know what else she'll be taking off.
LG  *  14-Dec-2015
PM. RH wasn't looking where he was going either!... He was busy reading and getting ready to start trouble on SKNvibes Toon Center. ...and it's all that "Glow In the Dark" Clothes he was wearing why de woman eyelash fall off! lol
Rough House  *  14-Dec-2015
Pancake Man, if LG would watch where she's going her eyelash would have been on and intact.
Lioness  *  14-Dec-2015
Wahahahahha! "Um miss you eyelash falling off". I aint able this morning to go wid you LG.
pancake man  *  13-Dec-2015
RH why you knocked off the woman eyelash for lol lol
LG  *  11-Dec-2015
LOL.. Yeah okay RH...... Toonman muss think he talking about two potato heads...cause it looks like a bunch a body parts missing.... lol... I can buy
Rough House  *  11-Dec-2015
Toonman, I guess you used my story on how I found LG? I should have kept that story to myself. I didn't tell you for you to put my LG on blast! Sorry LG.
Hotta  *  11-Dec-2015
hmmm i love her hair, is a pitty her eyes aint as well put together hahaaaaa
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