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Ths Is How We "Do It"
Wednesday, 16 December, 2015
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Kimi Kawaiii  *  7-Jan-2016
XD......but tru so vey true ;(
whine Up  *  18-Dec-2015
LG am old school sms
LG  *  17-Dec-2015
G-Baby, Femme, Whine-up & Lioness.........Please to behave you'll self when you go to the clubs.... Toon-Man...Ah know you "believe you can fly", but you don't have wings!!! You goin fall flat... This is what you call "NO BEHAVIOUR"...Toon-Ville gone wild!
Rough House  *  17-Dec-2015
LG, I can handle any and everything. I am not a master at most things but I can perform very well with everything else.
LG  *  16-Dec-2015
RH..that ting up there is not me up once you master Chi Town Stepping or something on that level ...i will meet you on the dance floor! Thats a challenge....can you handle it?
Rough House  *  16-Dec-2015
Toonman you see what I have to put up with? Every time I attend a celebration function with LG, I have to be standing still, can't shake a leg. As soon as I start to dance with someone, here comes LG pulling me by my collar. But yet, she's not into any type of dancing.
Rough House  *  16-Dec-2015
Hotta  *  16-Dec-2015
Sassy you just came into Toonville and want meet de President already.... E z no man lolol
LG  *  16-Dec-2015
He's the one in the green shirt in the last frame!.... Toonman this does not classify as dancing.. Maybe frame 1.. the rest?.. SMH..LOL.. Clubbin' Gone Wild! As for you RH.... I take what you think as a compliment.
Sassy  *  16-Dec-2015
Who isTonman. Very talented individual
Rough House  *  16-Dec-2015
That lady in the yellow is more flexible that LG. LG come learn a thing or two from the dancers here. "Do de Dutty Wine LG"!
Hotta  *  16-Dec-2015
eyes open wide....lolol...that 2015 hair style aint match de year though dat go wayyy back Cleopatra time sms
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