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Out With The Old!
Tuesday, 22 December, 2015
2 Recommends
Jill  *  23-Dec-2015
Rose, what are you talking about? You are thinking about this way too hhhaarrrddd.
Rose  *  23-Dec-2015
Jill, maybe fish B is eventually going to hurt fish A.
Jill  *  23-Dec-2015
Rose, that explanation is not good enough.
fisherman  *  23-Dec-2015
They fish are not biting because they are tired of eating they asked the Fisherman to change the menu.
Rose  *  23-Dec-2015
Jill, i think i know. The King fish saw fish A and fish B swimming together and he was hurt and got upset so he swam away. Then the whole school of fishes swam away. That's why there is no fish in the river.
Jill  *  23-Dec-2015
Im not too clear as to what is happening in those frames but maybe he took too long to fish...wrong season or something.He doesnt even seem as though he is really interested in catching fish.
LG  *  23-Dec-2015
Toonman you are not "Heidi Fleiss" or "The Millionaire Matchmaker"!!!.. You are a peaceful Toon-Man.. Do not allow RH to get you in trouble..You have a safe and Merry Christmas you hear...Oh.. stay away from the Tequila... Drink you Sorrel..and enjoy you fishing...(not at the same time).. You should not "dunk & drink"...
Rose  *  23-Dec-2015
Dont know what to say about this one.
Rough House  *  23-Dec-2015
Femme, LG and I got married and divorce twice so far. Where were you? This time around, the third wedding would be a charm and the final wedding. Toonman, I need a drawing for LG and I wedding, we entering the new year with our last and final wedding. SET US UP TOONMAN!!
LG  *  22-Dec-2015
Femme you need to stop drinking all the Fish Broth (cognac, brandy, red wine etc). What obeah wedding you planning? lol.... RH have me on so much "Needles and Pins" you would think he's a Chinese doctor... lol... We need RT (Rhyming Time) to tell you....Needles & Pins... Needles and Pins / If LG Marries RH... Is when her troubles begins! neither goin catch fish nor LG with that computer mouse bait Toonman using!... Try Lioness!... LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Dec-2015
But this aint the same worm that was placed in the hammon and thats why the fish said he(RH) must change the menu him want some cognac, brandy ,red wine,red bull or other. Anyway de haaammon cheaper than these stuff so i understand why as he got to make sure he buys LG the diamond ring she see on Port Zante. Guys happy engagement and remember to send me an invitation to the wedding.
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Dec-2015
Out with the old in with the new. LG, you and RH cash in or credit in Horsfords, TDC and Courts for the season. Make sure you aint throw away the old as yet as they might come for the new in the New year.
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