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Season's Greetings!!
Friday, 25 December, 2015
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Note  *  1-Mar-2016
Cool note that Santa got in his hands...Wish someone could write a sweet note to me
pancake man  *  5-Jan-2016
Lioness you know what you did on your vacation lol so you make everyone be on the naughty list SIGH
LG  *  4-Jan-2016
Happy New Year All........ Toonman I've checked your list Twice and its 100% accurate...For 2015 RH forgetting how he harass LG all year long!... Whine Up forgetting that she was the 2015 Twerking Champion..Front and centerfold!....Lioness forgetting how she breaking up Unhappy homes (lol).. PM & G-Baby forgetting how they turned into Stop & Go Peepers!...Just peeping and running and not posting.. LOL... I could continue, but I will wait for their rebuttal!... Toonman thank you and you are RIGHT!... Lets all pray for a Happy & Healthy New Year!
Lioness  *  4-Jan-2016
Wait wait hold up! Why was I on the naughty list?? I just came back from vacation and this the first thing i see? well well!
pancake man  *  3-Jan-2016
this isn't fair at all RH , I think toonman wasn't playing attention at all SIGH
Hotta  *  30-Dec-2015
all right Hotta in things, Season Greetings all of Toonville especially LG and Toonman
whine Up  *  30-Dec-2015
i nuh right RH, i have been splendid
Rose  *  29-Dec-2015
RH, I just realise.
Rough House  *  29-Dec-2015
Rose, did you notice all females has been placed on the nice list? Toonman are you sexist?
Rose  *  28-Dec-2015
Wait there. How did LG end up on the nice list? Why isn't she on the naughty list? ...all these unanswered questions...TM has some clarifications to make. He needs to clarify all those (and whatever else) unanswered questions.
Rough House  *  28-Dec-2015
Really Toonman, Really???? What did I do to deserve those coals? Well, I will put them to use and keep my stew pot boliling for Biscuit's friends. LG, more pork for the rest of the season. Pancake Man, you're welcome to eat at LG and I diner at anytime.......LOL.
pancake man  *  27-Dec-2015
wait wait wait toon man I just see my name on the naughty list... how u get so?? I didn't do nothing.... u got those names wrong lol lol
pancake man  *  27-Dec-2015
well well toon man I aint get my gift? is wa... naughty or nice?
LG  *  26-Dec-2015
Merry Christmas ToonFam and Toonman. Here's to health and peace for the New Year..LG is signing off for the remainder of the holidays. RH dont burn all that coal one Blessed and be safe everyone.
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Dec-2015
Hotta forgive me as my eyes are still closed down let me go back to bed so glad for the holiday today
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Dec-2015
Just wake up so sored and tired handing out lunch to the needy yesterday.LG, Holla, Mix Up and Sassy it is always good to be nice and good things always follow nice people even if lemons are thrown at you.Still sleepy so Happy New Year to all. thanks for the gift Toonman. Appreciate much
whine Up  *  25-Dec-2015
no fair i've been nice all year Toonman
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