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Wednesday, 30 December, 2015
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pancake man  *  5-Jan-2016
lol lol LG why they behaving so especially RH... they need to behave, I must say even though my GIRTH is out of control lol hahahahha I'm not going to that JungleGym
LG  *  4-Jan-2016
PM.. Is push RH push me.. He push me on the floor and tell me "Tek Dat"..A wasn't ready to climb no wall! and you Lioness think it's a jungle gym why you swinging with rope!!.. RH pull in you tongue!!! It's not a meat market! lol.. Go do your sit ups and get rid of that gut!
Lioness  *  4-Jan-2016
Well the gym looking like a jungle LG dem look wild wild LOL.
pancake man  *  3-Jan-2016
why LG look so HUNCHBACK lol lol lol why she look so haahhahaha.... FemmeP come off the door please LOL are you stick to it? WhineUp please please come off the wall, its not the mountain lol lol lol and RH why your tongue out your mouth??/
pancake man  *  3-Jan-2016
Lola I WOULD AGREE.... they are tooo skinny because all the ahm and turkey and whole fowl they eating... oh don't forget the RUM cakes (I don't eat that so)
Lola  *  31-Dec-2015
Toonman, these ppl are too skinny
whine Up  *  30-Dec-2015
Rough House  *  30-Dec-2015
Looks like Jane for Tarzan has joined the gym as well. LG in the mustard shirt, and appears to be having diffculty getting off the ground.
cavelle  *  30-Dec-2015
Mr. tonman i realise i was inculded in the previous toon but its okay. I tink that the saying should be gym at the ending of the year compared to gym at the beginning.
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