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Friday, 1 November, 2013
3 Recommends
Bond007  *  9-Nov-2013
if chinese and indians, close down their shops, restaurants and supermarket, Sk will be like a grave yard!!!
stop  *  8-Nov-2013
we going forever grudge we them Chinese take abuse everyday from local but yet smile and take there money. locals will never stay in business they don't know customer relation always late bad manners lazy. most of these comments are from people that don't live in skb so your comments are base on what sknvibes put up. Get home and you will be at ooh to see your lazy country people. the only issue skb have is a 3 billion depth i wont trade skb for no place.
Think About It  *  3-Nov-2013
No business run on good if the Chineee have 9 supermarkets..WHO ARE THE CUSTOMERS to patronise them. Ain de same local people that complaining??? There are probably 1 Chinese/Asision to every 1000 local so can they be so prosperous with these businesses if the locals are not clocking to them?? Don't blame the Chinese..look in de mirror!
sp  *  1-Nov-2013
de Chinese come in numbers but yet our Caribbean brothers and sisters are grilled at immigration and turned back ever so often
Dont Grudge  *  1-Nov-2013
Take a lesson from the Chinese, pool resources together and do something. stop buying every new pair of shoes, cell phone etc. Stop robbing each other, Look at the Jews, the Koreans, the Chinese, the Indians. They own, we buy. That's the lesson. Don't hate.
nyc  *  1-Nov-2013
do the chinee pay vat because they send all the money in they country. so more chinee can come and rob st. kitts & nevis people. and have ten restaurants and change names so they donot pay tax or vat.
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