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There's Always Next Year
Friday, 8 January, 2016
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
LOL LOL @LolZ i think they are turkeys not chicken....those are toooo big of a drumstick
LolZ  *  14-Jan-2016
Dem new years resolutions jed. I like how the cartoonist point out that chicken would eat their own meat
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
hahahahahaha LG okayyyyy (in Brian's baby mama's voice) lol
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
I knew you had to be related to Madea.. lol.. first place I heard about "Churkey" (chicken with turkey gravy).. Stay away from the "Stuff" PM
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
girl LG i think its the turkey like chicken getting to me sigh
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
Ahhh... Wha happen PM ?..(singing)... You used to call them on your cell phone / late night when you b-a-a-a aaelly moan? Well you know when dey not answering / that can only mean one thing?......You know when dey not answering / dem didnt pay dem big phone bill...... .. You been hanging out by Henville./. Ever since you left Toonville .lol...... Ohhh.. I miss RT... lol
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
lol LG i dont know what Whineup talking about.... girl LG it seem like the place closed down because i calling the service line and its disconnected... i wonder if the government and police realised that that place was a fraudulence lol lol lol
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
Wu I have no idea what you mean...Just as long as you don't mean "Hotline Bing" ...Then Im okay (I guess)
whine Up  *  11-Jan-2016
lolol it seems LG was smartphoned
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
PM.... Nevis have one road & one building?
pancake man  *  11-Jan-2016
well across the road from the building
Sassy  *  11-Jan-2016
Lol lhahaaaaaa. Next time make the chicken feel good. Put on some ketchup
Hotta  *  10-Jan-2016
ohhh but i love spicy
LG  *  9-Jan-2016
Correcttion.....Where in Nevis PM?
LG  *  9-Jan-2016
Where in Nev oily s PM?
pancake man  *  9-Jan-2016
I do... I do share... take everything except the spicy lol lol
Hotta  *  9-Jan-2016
Toonman tickling me LG PM you dont share?
pancake man  *  8-Jan-2016
lol lol lol lol LG very funny ...... (straight face) I got them in Nevis lol lol
LG  *  8-Jan-2016
Hotta what sweet you so?....the rumcake, the sorrel or somebody tickling you?
Hotta  *  8-Jan-2016
Rough House  *  8-Jan-2016
Lickin Chicken? Those chicken parts much larger than that box. Partner, tell me where purchase that box of chicken.
LG  *  8-Jan-2016
PM...I thought you promised to be a Pescetarian this year? or is that just some leftover Thanksgiving turkey you trying to get rid of?...LOL... ..them chicken sure on some serious Ley me stick to me "back & neck " & Salt fish you hear.. LG..will remain.. a "Lean Girl"
pancake man  *  8-Jan-2016
lol Sizzle why you eating all the chicken dem and how that dead one talking bout "he aint put ketchup on him" lol lol this doesnt look like KFC at all, maybe its chesters or churches
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