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You Never Know
Monday, 11 January, 2016
3 Recommends
Kimi Kawaiii  *  1-Feb-2016
um...........I don't understand
Hotta  *  12-Jan-2016
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
lol lol @ LG.... well sah RoughHouse im sorry im really sorry.... sigh tek you hands out my face nuh ok
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2016
LG, my statement was directed to PM. No need for you to get confused.
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
Yes PM... I have my own "Naked Chef" "In A Garten" or Am I "In a Garden wid a Naked Chef".. Well either one.. lol... RH Confusing
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2016
PM, you don't try to offer my LG anything else from today. Don't try to break up our Happy Home! LG, didn't you tell PM you have a chef at home? You need to.
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2016
PM, you don't try to offer my LG anything else from today. Don't try to break up our Happy Home! LG, didn't you tell PM you have a chef at home? You need to.
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
hahahahaha lol LG okay well i cant eat seafood but i can try the chicken,,... but i just trying something new lol
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
PM you mean those pieces of foam or dem triangle make-up wedges they flavor with soy sauce and call food?...Ahhhhhhhh.. Thank You, but I'll I don't like any kind of meat "Substitue".... lol... I'll stick to chicken and seafood
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
LOL LOL LG @ chinese goat lol you killing me now i starting to eat TOFU this year now, will you join me in that then?/ lol
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
lol lol @ Lioness i didnt kill or steal or cook nobody dogs... i dont even like goat water so im not going to cook it either
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
Any you RH... A hope you know what sound "Chinese Cat" does make... Cause that's what you getting for dinner!.. Har D Ha Ha at that!
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
Okay..LOL @ Hotta & RH... That's it.!... PM... (in my Fred Sanford voice)... "I'm coming to join you" in land of the Pescetarians!.... No more red meat!.. Thanks a lot RH.......'Chinese goat!... lol
Hotta  *  11-Jan-2016
but LG how you so sure when you buy de meat is goat you buying and not the other red meat??
Rough House  *  11-Jan-2016
Toonman, that's a chinese chef? LG, that is where I usually would purchase your goat water. Even though I heard barking coming from the pot, I figure it's a chinese goat making the sound.
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
Femme you kill me ( LOL LOL).. You fraid you hop in you sleep?..... Well thanks to Toonman and his toon LG goin have issues with drinking goat water!... Is the "TREE MUTTON" I was fraid of...but now I going add Goat water to de list!... Then again... I just going cook my own!
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Jan-2016
I see now why LG aint order no kind a goat water during the Christmas carnival season and I only do eat fish and chicken and I didnt eat any chicken at all as I fraid dem mountain ones.I fraid I hop in mi sleep.
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Jan-2016
that is why my good friend says for the new year he stop eat meat not even fish he want to eat. He said at the back of his friend yard he aint sure if it is sheep /goat or dog head and feet he see but the evidence was there when he ffurther inquired he saw some sedated dogs in another yard close by. He try to arouse them but unfortunately them already dead with them throat slached
LG  *  11-Jan-2016
Well Lioness he & RH always boasting about de amount of Manish Water they HAVE TO Now we know their supplier... LOL
Lioness  *  11-Jan-2016
True puppy went missing since last year. I wonder if its PM took it and gone sell the ppl like chiney lol.
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