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Access Denied
Tuesday, 12 January, 2016
2 Recommends
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
hahahahahaha Big Fan
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
ok mixup...welcome back
LG  *  14-Jan-2016
LOL... And the Creativity Award goes to Big Fan... Who knows exactly what LG would do......LOL....
Big Fan  *  14-Jan-2016
LOL LOL you toon heads (LG, RH, PM, etc.) never sees to amaze me. RH look on the bottom of the keyboard you see the password. LG don't remember it either so she have tape there. But wait don't tell her I told you mind :-) (wink, wink)
Mixup  *  13-Jan-2016
Yh man LG i be cooling, hey G sup
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
lol lol LG u know that i wasnt the one who arguing about the password lol lorrrrddddd RH hurting he head boi
LG  *  13-Jan-2016
Toonman please give these guys the password!.. LOL ..Okay.. Nevermind.. I'll tell them... "NexttoonB42"...LOL
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
lol RH wait what you trying to say? I hope u not throwing any shades at me eh.... LG LG LG please tell RH that I dont want you like that, unless you turn to into a PANCAKES
Lioness  *  13-Jan-2016
LG always causing trouble, you know you man don't remember anything, then you gonna still cuss him out cause he can't remember aryou first date lol.
LG  *  13-Jan-2016
I sense a "Group Hug" in the making... Hey G-Baby... Is Bob & Femme there with you? The gangs almost completed... Mayor Mixup... you're in charge of keeping the peace... Good Morning all.... Will check back in after my morning
G-Baby  *  13-Jan-2016
then a guess it's RH turn now a knock bout....LG main gone no way either a rite here still looking on like Mixup
Rough House  *  13-Jan-2016
PM, LG, good to see you both have jokes....LOL. PM, I'll be dam before I let anyone take my LG, even though I forgot the date we met which gives access to the computer.
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
RH we just telling you as it is lol lol no hard feelings (straight face) LG dont study he, he just jealous lol every toon in here gets their fear share of knockbouts lol lol
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
LG did not tear or try to tear you down RH. I reminded Pm How we all met. Now. I guess my lol was misunderstood.. i was more surprised...LG goin to treat all toon neighbors the same..LG dont like misery...ah have to walk the toon street in peace!...i asked you to be creative for access
Mixup  *  12-Jan-2016
Mixup still in Toonville man just keeping a low profile LG seems to forget am the Mayor of Toonville
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2016
LG, you're siding with others to try and tear down your RH? WOW!!!! It's all good! Toonman it seems like PM won LG over.
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
**correction... Meant ""Both RT & G-Baby" throw Mixup in there too,.. just up and disappeared like they don't have, Smartphones, Ipads, laptops, Kindles, Smartwatch, even Company desktops... .. Well ah guess when they give Toonman that big raise... he goin up and disappear too and talk bout....... "Access Denied"
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
LOL...LOL.. @ Pm with that response... (caught me off guard with that)..... Yes Wu.. Both WU & G-baby.. Maybe they went off together..who knows.... but wherever they went it's obvious they have "denied us access"...or cant remember their
whine Up  *  12-Jan-2016
Me arrm LG where remember RT? since he gone to bigger n better places he aint even come for a visit
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
oooooooooooooo yea i do remember.. that niggar RH lol ley he tek dat
LG  *  12-Jan-2016
PM if memory serves me correctly our encounter with RH was him trying to run us (you, G, RT & Myself) off the road with his big red truck... Now between us three (you, Wu & myself)... there is NO Access is just being Lets see how creative he is
pancake man  *  12-Jan-2016
actually whine up u are right,... and he cursing me bout to leave LG alone and RH cant even remember when he met her... tsk tsk tsk shame on him
whine Up  *  12-Jan-2016
coverface when i first read the title my mind went deep...but i realize is RH cant remember when he and LG met
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