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Gold Mining
Friday, 15 January, 2016
2 Recommends
pancake man  *  18-Jan-2016
@lol its just snot, ear wax smells, you stink when sweat, mouth smells when dirty... yes the others are gross just like the others, i guess you are the body doctor so you should know.... oh well he should have had manners to sneeze in a tissue or even a cloth... in his case a TRUCK lol
LG  *  17-Jan-2016
Well it's "just Snot nice" for him to pick it and try to knock dung a mountain wid"just Snot nice" for him not to use a tissue....even his shut..a mean shirt
lol its just snot  *  17-Jan-2016
What is so nasty about snot? Its mucus in the nose, it serves a purpose, it doesn't smell, it's just a useful bodily fluid like tears, saliva, ear wax, and sweat. Feces on the other hand is gross, vomit is gross. Those fluids can make you sick by just being around them
Hotta  *  15-Jan-2016
Rough House  *  15-Jan-2016
PM, at least it came from just below the hair and not the rear.....LOL.
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
Toonman you got up two of this nasty snotty toon lol take down one please Thank you
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
naaaarrrrrr man Toonman now thats just wrong.... RoughHouse why you do it?? look at allllllllllllllllllllllll MUCUS yuck..... u can climb that Mt Everest
LG  *  15-Jan-2016
Oh Gross!... Toonman some of us are still eating lunch!... So just put some vicks up there to soften that thing and kip you finger out you nose!... lol
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