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Must ...Con...cen...trate.
Monday, 18 January, 2016
3 Recommends
Miss NB  *  26-Jan-2016
Not all men this clueless... I think most just pretend they cant do house chores e.g cook , wash so they dont have to.. Not with me, a man have to be wiling and able to do all those things..
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
(hitting RH on his shoulder) so why you coming over by my house to eat off all my pancakes for den? didnt you tell me how you nar get feed at home? lol lol (shaking my head with an evil grin)
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
Nobody can ever tell you dey hungry round LG... (blushing smile)... That's all a have to say!
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
ain me say so eh mine
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
LG you must cook and stop gat RH bursting his brains trying to find food like you starving de man both ways
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
oooohhh really RH... not a thing go so
Rough House  *  19-Jan-2016
Sorry guys, been busy for the past couple days. Now on to the toon. That bag of chips look suspicious. LG caught me like that before, so i'll let PM step up and open it.
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
thank you thank you Big Fan thank you sooooo much i dont know why LG treating me so badly.. look at it now Gbaby Whineup FemmeP and GT gone over the cliff
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
lol lol thats true... i only want to hear or see or taste PANCAKES... yes LG u know me well
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
Big Fan... I know he's right...... but I wasn't going to concede so early!!!!.. What fun is that?
Big Fan  *  19-Jan-2016
LG this one is a tie. PM is correct Lays original potato chips comes in a yellow bag
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
Further more.... You are the "Pancake Man".... That is supposed to be your area of expertise....Not
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
Well that's food coloring / unnatural food dye!... Just like their "ORANGE" macaroni and cheese!... "That's just not natural" lol..."Kettle New York Cheddar Chips" is Yellow!...and "Original Unflavored" is in the plain bag cause potatoes white.. lol.. (you're goin to lose this one PM)
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
no no no not a "ting" go so.... cheddar us orange not yellow, and original can be yellow or clear or blue bag lol sorry to burst your balloon lol
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
Ahhh Ha!.... Well you just proved Toonman's point... "Men Not Paying Attention"... LOL... That bag is "Yellow" BIG HINT.... that it's "Cheddar" See what a "Women are just more observant"...(and here begins WW4)
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
LG dont let Big Fan mess up your day.. bout ting a ling lol lol
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
@LG you done start the trouble so dont even bother... and those chips arent my flavor... thats original and i like Cheddar.....
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
@ Big Fan, Big Fan.... HUMPHHH!........What ting you tarking 'bout?... The grapefruit ting or the pink ting? Wha ting you tarking bout Big Fan? Please to explain yourself?.. LG not "Thirsty" and a better not be hungry. cause a would starrrve waiting for you guys to read directions!...
LG  *  19-Jan-2016
@ PM... Where I see one I look for two....So there's RH and then You (PM)... standing right behind him... waiting hard for those chips.. (joke)...How many guys does it take to open a bag of chips.... (A)... TWO.. Nevermind.. a goin be starting a whole lot a trouble.. LOL..
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
@LG i dont think that is fair... what fair about that where RH have to be there bursting his melon to open a bag of chips.... but waittttttt how you going to google and you cant get in the computer without the PASSWORD
pancake man  *  19-Jan-2016
lol lol lol toonman u killing me... its a pity thats not me, RH what you doing boi?? I come y you so we can go Superbowl and you ther learning how to eat a potato chips?????
G-Baby  *  19-Jan-2016
Like me niece the say ''like really'' LOL RH u really wan d book to tell u how to open d bag to smh
Big Fan  *  19-Jan-2016
RH what happen man? You stop give LG the 'ting ting' so she put you to con...cen...trate HARD? Appreciate the leveling of the playing field toonman
whine Up  *  18-Jan-2016
well i see RH under some real con...cen...tration hahaaa
LG  *  18-Jan-2016
Toonman you had woman giving bad rumcake, you had us locking our men out the even had us killing our husbands with turnabout is definitely fairplay!! i admire you for levelling the playing field at the men expense....fair is fair ....
choosen one  *  18-Jan-2016
toonman stop degrading us. remember you is a man too
Hotta  *  18-Jan-2016
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