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Work Flow
Wednesday, 20 January, 2016
4 Recommends
Miss NB  *  26-Jan-2016
i would guess is all the wine he drank on day 100 now he cant get up... Remind me of those new employees trying to look good for 3 months after that you would want to know what management was thinking when they hire them...
sha  *  26-Jan-2016
haha! truth
LG  *  22-Jan-2016
Pm you name "Basil Wallace" now? "Mark" nobody in Toonville please....
pancake man  *  22-Jan-2016
ok? RH (watching you with a screw)
Rough House  *  21-Jan-2016
Get them my LG!
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
lol lol lol @LG just know what to say
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
Well CTY maybe onto something, cause the way this generation is confused with the V's & the Y's...I could only say the next generation will just be a bunch a Z's!, Crazy, Nozy (ha).. Tech Savvy (oh those are v's..) lol.........right Hotta?
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
well LG start hmmmmmmming lol lol CTY goin on bad lol mix your V's and Y's see.... maybe some Z's will join the band lol
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
CTY.. theres a saying.. "Don't start none...wont be none" LG sitting here working and minding other people Then you start calling she name right..So now I'm oblige to respond....a Reading your post and analyzing you, but since you bring me een.. I goin say this... "I'm very leary of any "brother" who start mixing up their V's & Y's... Things that make you go "Hmmmmm".... LOL LOL
Hotta  *  21-Jan-2016
a get de joke CTY brief-briefcase hahaaa
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
He is setting all kinds of trends. Look at that thing on his head. Is it a bird? A plane? LG's panty? A visor? No. It's a panisor. A cross between a panty and a visor. Just made that one up. It's for couples. Men wear it in the day as a visor and then give it to their partner to wear as a panty in the night. It's a win win situation.
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
Im always mixing up my Vs and Ys.
CTV  *  21-Jan-2016
@PM. What had happen was...the weather was so hot that he decided not to wear a unbuttoned part of the shirt provides more ventilation. So for the pants, u heard about high waist pants right? and low rides? Well, this is no pants. He's setting a trend. Watch and will catch on. Soon TM will be going to work just so.
Lioness  *  21-Jan-2016
whahahaha! PM you aint gotta let eveyone know you does wear ooman draws LOL.
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
@CTY so what about the pants and tie??
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
lol lol so you and Toonman in tings now... oh no wonder u aint in none of these tonns (straight face)
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
I's open wide @ LG
CTY  *  20-Jan-2016
I don't think he forgot his underwear. He put his "briefs" in his "brief case". Simple!
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
PM.....Toonma say to tell you stop mess up his story line..this toon is about work flow and quick burnout...not about you and she dont work and burn you say to stay on
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
Yes LG.. Mr Butt-O-Words or Butterworth waever you call me and my army of angry pancakes understood lol lol
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
lol lol LG well this will be the first time you hear about angry food (Pancakes) lol make it worse that they dry becuz no syrup there so they furious hahhaahaha
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
Mr. I mean Butterworth's... Mine you drop them The 3 second food rule will not apply've heard of "Angry Birds", but "Angry Food"...Mmm...(smh)... It's you and Hotta in de toon... That's what I implied and obviously executed for your
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
Miss always have an answer for everything... (whispering LG name) what you trying to say?? (with my army of angry walking pancakes outside with weapons) lol lol lol lol
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
Anyone ever notice how the "Guiltiest ones always rush to defend themselves and throw accusations at everyone else?.... Just saying
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
well eh eh @Hotta you well hot eh... drink some nice ice cold lemonade cool down yourself please.... and Gbaby why you have your husband so late for work??? wha are u up doing at nights eh (dont want to know) lol lol leave that for RT or RH
pancake man  *  20-Jan-2016
well Hotta i was thinking the same thing but im glad that you were the one who said it lol lol becuz he running with the panty on the wrong end... having Grany peeping on him lol lol lol
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
LOL..... Okay Bobby Brown...aka Hotta
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
he has to keep me hott n spicy thats his preference, too hot to handle too cold to hold, too hard core to ignore, too sweet to eat, too bless to be stress he has to keep me happy else i become too complicated to open like that bag a chips lolol
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
You better come out from under that sheet and get to work or help Mr. Hotta get ready.. Too hot to work eh? well I never see the sun stap behind cloud all day and then claim to give off heat.... so you stop
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
girl Hotta too hottt to work just stay at home and get hotter by the seconds, Mr Hotta dont want me leave the house so he has to work 3 jobs
LG  *  20-Jan-2016
Glad you home wha? and have Mr. Hotta working 3 jobs!.. and is farrse you 'bout G-string!... That G-string belongs to G-Baby...that's what the G stands furthermore it's not a very sexy looking one at that...That does not belong to LG...and since you home and don't like to work... Then Toonman should change that man to Hotta!
Hotta  *  20-Jan-2016
If this is what work does to you then am glad am home..RH why you have LG gstring on you head and where r your pants?? brahahaaaa
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