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Thursday, 21 January, 2016
2 Recommends
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
@FemmeP where u was hiding eh
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
@Miss NB..........Total Wine.....Special
Miss NB  *  26-Jan-2016
All that wine in a bottle.......hhmmmm I would like to know where she bought that never ending bottle from..
LG  *  22-Jan-2016
Nice Femme...Lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Jan-2016
But i thought all those guys in Toonsville make a new year resolution not to drink any alcohol until december. A cant wait for Carnival to come . A cant wait for Christmas to done. A cant wait for dem to stop drink so much rum. A cant wait to see all a dem tumble dung.
CTY  *  22-Jan-2016
Im taking a back seat today. Im just watching.
Lioness  *  22-Jan-2016
LG you just as bad! You should have known when to stop pouring your "sorrel", that's why you and PM gonna drown lol
LG  *  22-Jan-2016
Well us Toonheads are dont drink either..just the smell of alcohol have me behaving make de sorrel and give it a little "social sipping" is all LG does...hold a glass and
G-Baby  *  22-Jan-2016
whine Up  *  21-Jan-2016
Whine Up has a very light head even Mauby if stale will drunk me so i staying clear of this toon
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
lol lol lol LG
Rough House  *  21-Jan-2016
Pour it on LG!
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
All that for a glass of sorrel? Well sah!
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
Toonmen and their Sorrel.........
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
Never mind then. I aint gone bother ask her.
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
Thanks RH!.. Only the best will do.and furthermore we get drunk on Toons...not Alcohol.... ..CTY... You clicking on the wrong tab for hook ups... You need to click on the "Entertainment" tab for'll sit back and wait for G to respond for herself..... lol
Rough House  *  21-Jan-2016
LG you know I don't drink alcohol. That's your sorrel and it was sure good.
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
Im talking about G-Baby. She's looking fine. LG, hook a brother up.
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
Better it be red dye than red something else. I just saw one of our toonheads a while ago. She's looking good. A wonder if she has a b/f. A thinking of asking her out.
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
Well it's in a wine and I would feel sorry for a Grow "A" man who soooo weak or soooo light headed to get drunk off wine...LOL..... unless RH & Pm putting red food dye in de Hammond!
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
At least not the kind mom use to make...these days they throw in all kinds of things and call it sorrel.
CTY  *  21-Jan-2016
@LG. You know darn good and well, that aint no sorrel.
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
and that AA is for Alcoholics Anonymous!.... Not American Airlines PM!
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
There goes PM with his guilty conscience again!... GBaby didn't say you, but..a guess.."The Cork Screw Fit" so PM turning it.. lol... Now I feel like Toonman have an issue with RumCake and Sorrel... Cause I never hear either one drunk a man yet.....much less put you in AA.. Toonman this is the last time you coming to me house for the holidays....You draw (I mean chat) too much!
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
lol @LG i didnt say nothing and you Gbaby why you saying that (me with my puppy eyes) lol i dont have any problems... well actually i do have money problems, need some money, need a better paying job or a second job.... need to buy TWO or so of those LG sorrel drinks hahahahahhahahhhahahaha
G-Baby  *  21-Jan-2016
maybe he got problem man
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
PM how is it you can still "Stir the Pot" without commenting?.... You implied waaaay more by not commenting... Hm hm, Yup.. I know
pancake man  *  21-Jan-2016
(no comment) next toon.... this speaks for itself lol
LG  *  21-Jan-2016
Hotta.. LG not in the dumping A just wanted RH to try de sorrel, but it was that good and he didn't know when to say stop... now he not waking up to post.
Hotta  *  21-Jan-2016
look here right me nar laugh...TM you wrong...this must be RH after LG dump him for PM aint me say say so mine
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