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A Leg To Stand On
Friday, 22 January, 2016
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
lol Lioness I say nothing else
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
lol Lioness I say nothing else
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
RH u know how to twist a leg and break it eh lol Hotta say its you now u saying its me well well
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
Miss NB... wouldn't you be leery of anyone who studies their field for 7 to 10 years and then when they start working they spend a lifetime calling themselves a "Practice"??? Shouldn't they have been practicing while they were in school??? Just Saying... Doctors Practice.... Lawyers Practice... Ah mean... Come on.. Well his doctor sure practice some Amputations on him.!!!
Miss NB  *  26-Jan-2016
Men done afraid of the Doctor now you making it worst Mr.Toonman (shaking my head)
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
(In My Kat Williams Voice)...."I Don't Know If I would have told that story..... lol...... (feeling guilty lolling)
Jill  *  25-Jan-2016
@ Katt. Im familiar with that.
Katt  *  25-Jan-2016
For good reason i didnt want to mention this but it reminded me of "Katt Williams" and his "poor little tink tink " story.
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
LOL Lioness.. I missed that.. Lawrdy.. Maybe Toonman was running out of black I definitely fraid to look now... LOL
Lioness  *  25-Jan-2016
But wait he even missing an eyebrow, but it magically grew back in frame 2 LOL
Lioness  *  25-Jan-2016
LG you're right lol. I think he is saying it cost an arm and leg to go to the doctor these days. What a thing imagine PM gone doctor "whole" and come back "halfa" smh.
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
Well G..I'm sure they still intact.... Cause he still holding his balance... LOL... That's why he need to find a new doctor... This time he was charged "An Arm & A Leg"... next time fees may go up....LOL...
G-Baby  *  25-Jan-2016
LOL no man LG e cant be one a them gone as well
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
I wouldn't be sending my man back to that doctor... Cause if that doctor removing one of everything...Hummphh!!... Who knows what else missing... Just saying.. Honey... find a new doctor... This one here really "Practicing" on you ...eeda that.. he collecting body
Rough House  *  25-Jan-2016
G-Baby, it could be what you're saying is true.
whine Up  *  25-Jan-2016
G-Baby  *  25-Jan-2016
he was done practicing to hop on one leg all d time man so it became nttn to him now he can manage an RH i dont think he hopped it all d way home from d doc office i think they took him up in his door way in a wheel chair then he hop it in
Rough House  *  24-Jan-2016
I wonder if he hopped it home because I'm not seeing any crutches. PM, your balance is going to be out of whack.
Hotta  *  22-Jan-2016
that's y i dont get sick
LG  *  22-Jan-2016
And are de one that say you hotter than fire and sweeter than that must be you and
LG  *  22-Jan-2016
Hotta my sistah...a stuck in de house feeling like you....Toonman says.........It costing an arm an a leg to go to de doctor....
Hotta  *  22-Jan-2016
that doctor must be a miracle worker to amputate and release the same day, RH you strong boy.... LG stop feed RH so much sugar now look wat you did
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