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Perks Of Parenting
Tuesday, 26 January, 2016
2 Recommends
Kimi Kawaiii  *  1-Feb-2016
@WhineUp um excuse me but.....what's wrong with ur arm?
whine Up  *  30-Jan-2016
me arm
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
lol lol LG I'm not even laughing... and why RT allowing their friend to post for them?? why not RT
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
Toonheads are an irreplaceable bunch / Its only Pm serving up de bad lunch! So tell RT his role is secured / so come and post for himself on this message We appreciate you delivering his messages / but he need to come back wid his lyrical passages!
RT's friend  *  28-Jan-2016
Losing your rhyme carry some very stiff penalties. Almost as bad as making a bad lunch. The toonheads might have to take over his role.
RT's friend  *  28-Jan-2016
Sure. That is if he ever gets out.
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
@ RT’s friend..(smiling)… Thanks for standing by him through thick and thin / No other lyricist can Rhyme like him. Tell him we’ll be here when he gets out / Unless Pm kills us off with some Guinness stout…. Rum cake and spaghetti has been his weapons of choice / He even caused RH to lose his voice….. I’ll try to hold on till RT returns / with you, Hotta, G-Baby and the rest of these clowns…. LOL
RT's friend  *  28-Jan-2016
@LG. Lol. You know how people lose their accent when they go away? Well, RT said to tell you that he lost his rhyme. Now in lyrical prison, he spending time (I added this last piece for him).
LG  *  27-Jan-2016
Just saying... Look around... Femme = Missing, RH = Missing.... Mixup = Missing, Bob = Missing, Lawrd knows what he did to Cavelle = Garn... Sassy = ???, all I know...Is a lot a somebodies missing... So no eat nutting from dem
G-Baby  *  27-Jan-2016
LOL i'll b on the look
LG  *  27-Jan-2016
G.... PM is (TM can I say breeding).. rearing a new generation of "Black Widow Vixens"..... lol... Mm hmm... It's like the movie "V".... lol... Alien form disguised as Cute, Innocent looking..vain little girls... Be careful with your daughter G... lol.... LG Lite did mention something about Pancakes... just warning you G..LOL
G-Baby  *  27-Jan-2016
LOL then PM a guess he's the worst dad so thats what he get for being so
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
well well I swear I see those eyes move lol lol look how Gbaby's daughter want poison her father lol lol
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
I just realize what he thinking....she grounded till Menopause.. that wouldn't be a that's getting a deal..." Anyway.. Is usually the "Dads" that want to play Mr. Nice guy... especially when it comes to their baby girls...
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
That's what you call "Psssghetti" and "Eyeballs".... LOL.. ah mean she little so she trying, (ah give her credit for that) but they need to know..starting from to do things properly/correctly...
Hotta  *  26-Jan-2016
way to go LG..that's the way to do it....i wonder wat kind of lunch is that? those eyes look alive n i think i see a bird head sms
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
OMG Toonman.. Stop peeping in me Just this weekend.. LG Lite want to feed me some hot mess of a breakfast......Now staying true to myself.. I did not lie.. I told her the truth.. Truth was....That food was half "A" at best.. now say what you guys want... I don't lie to my kids...never did../ never will... The world is not going to lie to them.(so I'm preparing them at home)..I asked her...What if I prepared a meal like that for her? Would she enjoy eating it?... ....She thought about it.....looked at me and went right back into that kitchen and do what she had to do...correctly!
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