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A Change In Perspective
Thursday, 28 January, 2016
7 Recommends
CTDM  *  1-Feb-2016
huh LG really?? dont add to the name and please dont spoil it lolol
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
@ Wu .... Just so long its a full head to toe BPV.... lol... Oh.. we need to protect Mixup too... oh sorry.. she no name Mixup now.. its... Candlelabracanttekdemixup LOL
whine Up  *  1-Feb-2016
PM I stand by my word, I say what I mean and I mean what say, if I cant trust myself who will?
whine Up  *  1-Feb-2016
(hides face) LG you seriously going run left me? not nice at all, ok birdie we going give a BPV..... lolol @magic bullet hahahaaa
Jill  *  31-Jan-2016
@PM. Alrighty.
LG  *  31-Jan-2016
Being forced to defend yourself does not equal ....cussing call me a swan, fox or peaco@k....but not a wolf!!!!. Right there is why you made the naughty bye Pm......(was goin say falecia..but a change me mind)......ah garn tek LG lite shopping....pray for my
pancake man  *  31-Jan-2016
@Jill don't let LG and whineup fool u eh,.... dem there like wolf in sheep skin... they know only dem was on the nice list for cursing the other ToonHeads.. and the others was on the naughty list for not defending ourselves... that's why I say so.... don't study LG nor Whineup lol
LG  *  30-Jan-2016
@Whineup....(swallowing..gulping)...gyul Whineup me hope say a "Magic bullet de blender" you a tark bout Is not a cat...LG dont have 9 fraid dem pick another poison but not that one dey...a run me goin run lef you....
Jill  *  30-Jan-2016
@PM. That ain't nice. Why would he do that? We never did anything to him. So he just got up one day and start hating?
whine Up  *  30-Jan-2016
LG i wid you we wont stand for it we shall defend/protect our TM to the end take a bullet for him if we have to sms
LG  *  29-Jan-2016
OKay starting to act like Alfalfa and like you trying to start the "Toonman Haters Club"....i will not stand by this computer and let that you, jack, jill, RH and de other THC members going have to clear LG
pancake man  *  29-Jan-2016
@Jill you are soooooooo correct... Toonman like to throw us under a bus and then send for the big truck to run over us again then send for the garbage truck to pick us up.... I cant go with TM.... he like treat me RH Hotta and sometimes Big Fan too bad lol lol
pancake man  *  29-Jan-2016
RH you tell LG see...I can draw very very well... ley Toonman go where he going... he too one sided...
Rose  *  29-Jan-2016
Serious with this one.
Jill  *  29-Jan-2016
Speaking of TM. Sometimes I feel like he don't really care about us.
LG  *  29-Jan-2016
Well then "wha mek are you no bin say so"..Lol.. (as I put down the garden hose).... Toonman.. Run!... PM can draw...and its already 2:30
Rough House  *  29-Jan-2016
LG, PM can draw, so you'll have your cartoons coming still. Get Toonman guys!
whine Up  *  29-Jan-2016
if those are not piranhas i dont see y he running
Hotta  *  29-Jan-2016
and besides thats not my dress code...infact Hotta too hott for clothes thats y i dont work hides face
Hotta  *  29-Jan-2016
me?? (surprised look on my face) dat a no me in me daughter voice
LG  *  29-Jan-2016
RH.. Let me hear our options after we chase off Toonman.......... Reading the same old news stories? Reading "De people dem say"... Watching the cloned entertainment tabs"......Not much choices eh?... A bird in the hand know the rest!.. I love you and PM.. but you'll cant draw! so you guys can bark up another tree......
Rough House  *  29-Jan-2016
I though LG would have stood on the side an not take sides. I see where her loyalty lies.
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
(LG Standing in front of hose in firing position)............"NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
and I agree RH, who tell Toonman to put us on the naughty list, payback is a ooopppss well u see, Toonman oppressed us too much, time for some fair sharing lol lol ............... (laughing sooo hard) Toonman boi runnnnnnnnn RH and BigFan means business
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha @Big Fan I like that one I like it lol lol I don't know why Toonman decide to dress LG like that...
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
cccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol run TM run (ginger bread man's voice)
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
Look people.. I going home..good night!... lol... I sense a Toonville Rebellion coming I will have non of
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
RH.. Do you not believe in "Redemption" or "Second Chances"... smh... Well Okay.. Only certain times it "Pays to be Bad"..(wink wink)... but not to TM... He has the power of the "Crayon" at his side.. You are going to feel like a "Fish out of water" if you keep chasing
Rough House  *  28-Jan-2016
Chasing Toonman is payback for the naughty list. I was good last year and ended up on that list, so maybe if i'm bad this year I'll end up on the nice list. I have nothing to lose since I already made it on the naughty list once.
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
Oh!!!!... No. No.. That's Hotta... She finally get a job and show up wid she pink "Tin" cup. and have she hand "Akimbo" like she ready to fight ova No No.. that's not LG... lol... So stop chasing TM....., but thanks for looking out.
Big Fan  *  28-Jan-2016
but LG a chasing him because of you. Payback for giving a receding hairline and those librarian clothes
cavelle  *  28-Jan-2016
LG girl i with you on that one
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
When done you and RH wonder why you ended up on the "Naughty List"... When are you done chase Toonman...which one of you are going to bring me my Toons......( S I L E N C E)... That's what I thought!! So please find somebody to chase..... Like Toonmans boss.. he oppressing Toonman.. Cause up to now.. TM have not had a
Big Fan  *  28-Jan-2016
lol lets get toonman...we doing this one for LG...
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
Rough House  *  28-Jan-2016
Let's get Toonman guys!
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