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Friday, 29 January, 2016
4 Recommends
CTDM  *  3-Feb-2016
too skillful for that LG
LG  *  3-Feb-2016
(eyes popped open) Oh! You go ahead.....(warning tone).......You may get trapped in a "Ball a Twine"... lol
CTDM  *  3-Feb-2016
yes LG inspector of Toonville but not this one very active and playful
Rose  *  2-Feb-2016
FYI, I kinda like this drawing. It's different from the rest.
LG  *  2-Feb-2016
Here you go Lola... some cats play // but some kitties are lazy.... Right CTDM?
Lola  *  2-Feb-2016
Toon Man... I have never seen cats play fetch
CTDM  *  1-Feb-2016
lolol LG we will see hahaaa
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
Dear Mixup aka Canttekdemixup aka GHQ aka THQ... The masses are getting contentious... Please direct (since you say you de leader)... Please direct Toonman to act like "Crazy Eddie" and mek a "Christmas in February" (not July)... to appease Pancake Man, Jill and RH.. Put them on the (not so) Nice List...So we can get back to normal..... Thank You.. LG
pancake man  *  1-Feb-2016
@FemmeP we aint born yesterday lol lol
Hotta  *  1-Feb-2016
yes Femme we R all aware tonks
LG  *  31-Jan-2016
Femme im very well aware he's all Stone
Femme Pouvoir  *  31-Jan-2016
What LG,RH,PM and the others dont realised is that this is a statue and not a real person as this reminds me years ago in a store in town a lady came in and asking the mannequin if they have curtain materials for the kitchen and leep saying Miss answer me before I aint slap you or because you think you white you cant serve me when someone had to tell her it aint real. She then touched it and said she thought it was one of the owner relative and began to laugh to herself and then had the whole store laughing.
pancake man  *  31-Jan-2016
Rebellion time
pancake man  *  29-Jan-2016
see.... this is exactly what I'm talking about... RH I will say nothing
CTY  *  29-Jan-2016
Sure, LG. Sssuuurrree.
LG  *  29-Jan-2016
CTY.....i'm. Trying not to be one sided with my like to look at things from all angles before i form an opinion...i want to see what is intimidating RH and
CTY  *  29-Jan-2016
'Bout reverse de view. Naughty, naughty, LG. I'm still trying to figure out why you weren't on the naughty list last year. With comments like that, you will sure end up on it this year. FYI, they say that the spear is usually a good indication of know what.
Rough House  *  29-Jan-2016
LG, as soon as he throws that spear, PM and I would be on him like white on rice. He thinks were really after that spear? When he throws it he will find out.
LG  *  29-Jan-2016
I'm not messing with this one wid a "Ten Foot Pole"..LOL(too many jokes I can say on this one)... But a think Toonman sending a message to RH & PM.... lol... TM saying......"Are you think are you bad?.. Come.!!! All a have to say... "Toonman....please reverse the view"..LOL
Hotta  *  29-Jan-2016
Lioness  *  29-Jan-2016
LG you dog dem have a lonnnnnnnng wait. You better come for you animals.
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