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Cons of an office job #2
Friday, 5 February, 2016
4 Recommends
pancake man  *  13-Feb-2016
okay then
LG  *  9-Feb-2016
You have to learn to multi-task.. That's your problem! LG gets her job done and meticulously too. If you cant walk and chew gum at the same time...that's on you..LOL
Lioness  *  9-Feb-2016
LOL a busy unlike you and LG.
pancake man  *  8-Feb-2016
well Lioness which cave you crawl out of now lol lol its spring or summer time for u??
LG  *  8-Feb-2016
Hotmess Lioness. (that's your new name)..LOL.. Girl Lioness...LOL.. It tek you 10 days to read your toons and then you calling wrong (whisper...a think you meant CTDM.. Mixup)... not Whine Up... LOL
Lioness  *  8-Feb-2016
SMH man if aryou a eat, eat no man. Whineup you to fresh bout pizza aint taste good lol.
LG  *  8-Feb-2016
Mixup... sorry CTDM.. I like you red / pink dress, but next time put on some shoes... You not in you at work.. lol..
CTDM  *  8-Feb-2016
well if it ain taste good it ain taste good hahaaa, was just making sure me mouth aint fooling me why it reach that far lolol, now yall need to stop mix me i makes my owna pizza
pancake man  *  8-Feb-2016
alright alright i hear you.... so Mixup/CTDM what is this?
LG  *  8-Feb-2016
Big Fan lend me your ear (LG whispering).. She name is Cant Tek De Mixup (CTDM for Short)..One Long no rats tail name she come up wid and expect us to a think it's head constipation she have after she done eat off de man pepperoni and cheese
Big Fan  *  8-Feb-2016
Well, well well Mix Up after you done eat off 3/4 a the man pizza you got the heart to say "it didn't taste good"? How you brazen so.
LG  *  8-Feb-2016
What if LG is CTDM and really have you fooled and confused... LOL....LOL... just kidding!... lol.. Now what do you believe?... Pm.. There is no reason for me to deceive you.. Mixup is CTDM vice ... The only thing you shouldn't believe about me is this name just like your name PM... everything is real...LOL
pancake man  *  8-Feb-2016
@CTDM please rectify this ..... i dont want to believe LG
CTDM  *  7-Feb-2016
yes am only here to keep the peace as Mayor of Toonville
pancake man  *  7-Feb-2016
lol lol @LG bout typing instead lol ooooooooo so CTDM is Mixup?? wa story dis
LG  *  6-Feb-2016
Just realise somebody scouting for new members...but CTDM is aka Mix Up....she not in you all melee
LG  *  6-Feb-2016
Well its kinda hard for me to kip up wid CTDM Name sice it changes daily and as for de rest a nar cal are you name.....a type me a type
pancake man  *  6-Feb-2016
who gon guard the guard... they say...(shaking my head) LG who gon blame the blamer lol lol pleaseeeee do not call me RH BigFan Jill nor CTDM name in ah u mouth.... don't even utter the letters lol
pancake man  *  6-Feb-2016
u see... and he Toonman well quick to blame the guys... and the culprit in her hot pink dress saying it aint taste good... watch a ting eh.... we will see what happens next......
CTDM  *  5-Feb-2016
me tarl i make my own pizza
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
A tarking bout eating de man pizza!
CTDM  *  5-Feb-2016
lolol its been fixed
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
I aint saying is, but then she talk bout "She Can't Tek De Mix Up"..... LOL
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
No you say you a "Understudy" lol... Pm fix de toon.. Your "Faithful Followers" are waiting........Brahahahah... Big Fan, RH, Jill, Cavelle...Not sure bout Rosie... fix it PM
pancake man  *  5-Feb-2016
oooooooo really?? Toonman fix you toon
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
Toonman is this "Cons of an office job" or do you have Ex-Cons in your office, trying to do your job? Haahaa.. PM & RH....
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
LOL.. Talk to you a he said you can draw and the next toon was goin be blank..... At least he fulfilling his
pancake man  *  5-Feb-2016
LG what the hack is this... where is the toon... this is not my drawing.. Toonman stop u playing
LG  *  5-Feb-2016
Oh look.... PM's first submission.........LOL
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