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Weeding Out The Bad Apples
Wednesday, 10 February, 2016
4 Recommends
whine Up  *  15-Feb-2016
LG  *  15-Feb-2016
Okay I will wear today treat it like "Confessional Day" and get everything off your your gutts..(about RH plans) .cause a not keeping on these flats...(not flattering or sexy at all)
pancake man  *  13-Feb-2016
LG I'm not wearing no heels... please look over and speak to me lol or I will get a stool to stand on lol lol
whine Up  *  12-Feb-2016
true LG
CTDM  *  12-Feb-2016
i would keep quiet
LG  *  12-Feb-2016
Well PM you goin have to start wearing heels around Toonville. I cant be looking down to have a conversation with you.. LG is 5 9 + a @ Miss NB.. This Lie Detector test is not 100% Fullproof and sometimes not even admissible in court so you want everyone tested and can we even trust who administering the test...Hmmm
Miss NB  *  12-Feb-2016
On a serious note we need Lie Detectors for the police department and the Government past and present lol.... Also the Pastors, Criminals, and Parents lol
pancake man  *  12-Feb-2016
and I dont want no CLONE acting as me... no no no look at Mixup bout she gon to CTDM or whatever she name..... lawrddddd i had to go all de way back to Noah build de ark to find her new clone name lol lol lol
pancake man  *  12-Feb-2016
and i answered u and said YESSSS i am short with Locks lol lol,...... LG i dont know what will happen to Toonville if im not there and I dont think that RH can fight the battle with TOONman without me so I have to be present, front and center ......
whine Up  *  11-Feb-2016
whineup only ask if you were short
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Oh.. I don't want them to ban What fun would that be... Cant have Toonville without the Pancake Man.....
pancake man  *  11-Feb-2016
lol lol whineup... I know Management wouldnt have banned or block me... so RH please tell LG that im here to stay
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Best time to get the truth outta people is when they hard asleep or Work great when my kids were Jr.. who break the lampshade (turn, twist, groan... Daddy)... next bedroom..LG lite.. who break the lampshade.. (pulls finger out her mouth... Daddy)....Tip toe back to bed....Babe what happened to the lampshade...(straight faced)... One the kids.... Mmmm Hmm... TEST OVER... results......Hubby buys new lamps!
whine Up  *  11-Feb-2016
Ooooo so PM am right awesome i knew i was Psychic
Management  *  11-Feb-2016
Accepted, but no apology needed was just alerting you guys. You wont get band/block for that but causing mischief will but everyone here is well behave...Thanks again
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Can someone prepare that machine for Pancake Man... Really you was cleaning your desk yesterday, and the day before that and on Monday too? Well A guess RH fire you after he realize you are not a Toon Artist... LOL.. So you been cleaning your desk... LOL
Hotta  *  11-Feb-2016
a hear you LG but i already have all those unless he has some secret ones i dont know about "light bulb going off in my head" wicked grin cut wicked grin
pancake man  *  11-Feb-2016
@management i do apologised, i was cleaning my desk and the keyboard stuck on M
pancake man  *  11-Feb-2016
actually whineup im short lol
Hotta  *  11-Feb-2016
Oh no LG i told them your the perfect neighbor she must buy the house next to yours lolol
pancake man  *  11-Feb-2016
like really??
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Look here sistahs,,,, We all have our own "Natural" Lie Detecter in our "Backyard" Now Hotta a know you mind in the gutter, but a talking about de "Sour Sop Bush tea" Just give your man a soothing cup of Sour Sop tea... Massage his ego till he fall into a deep sleep and then Bamm!!!.. Four hours later wake him up slowly..believe me.. You will have the ATM Pin#, The password to his Cell phone, Facebook Login, KIX password...LOL... No Lie detector machine required.. A SKN/NEWIS we from... LOL
Rough House  *  11-Feb-2016
Cavelle, PM knows how to get back in to Toonsville if he gets banned. I won't be one man short.
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Welcome Overseer,,,, But Hotta if you start to bring people to my house unannounced I going ban you from coming..LOL...
Hotta  *  11-Feb-2016
Overseer you new here? or is that an undercover name? sms if you coming to Toonville to stay or just visiting you can check into the Toonville Motel sit back relax and enjoy your stay, or (whispering LG is an awesome neighbor there is a house next to her for rent or for sale) which ever you prefer we welcome you...
Hotta  *  11-Feb-2016
lolol @ overseer wonder if dem aint want hire me "hidesface"
Overseer  *  11-Feb-2016
I hear that if you put a sexy person to give the test everybody will fail because an excited body reacts like a nervous body. Machine say "LIE!!"
whine Up  *  11-Feb-2016
dats good would of left you RH one man short, wonder i PM is short hmmmm
cavelle  *  11-Feb-2016
Toonman why the person who doin gthe test had to be a man why it could not be a woman like me or LG and why Mr, Officer next (RH) have the shivers
cavelle  *  11-Feb-2016
PM watch it mine you get kick out LG and i Love you
Rough House  *  11-Feb-2016
PM, you almost got banned or booted from Toonsville.
Management  *  11-Feb-2016
Good Morning guys, Please try not to make you comments too long the way Pancake man did with all his m's. Doing that distorts the page. Have a lovely day in Toonville. Keep the comments coming we welcome everyone. Thanks....
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
cavelle  *  10-Feb-2016
LG that what me a say i could be the lie dectector test anyone wants me to teach them like (Pm) hee hee
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
What about people who practice telling lies so that their body can respond the same when under stress? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm!..... Ah mean at this point if somebody on the street scream out LG.. My head pop off looking.. and that no me name you know!.. So all that to say these things are not 100% accurate.
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
its a good thing that im not a police so i have no reason to be shaking
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
Toonman I hope there's a paramedic on site at this testing facility... RH is holding his left hand (signs of a heart attack) and PM shaking in his Gowerment boots.. . .. furthermore RH... Never told you that!.. fair is fair lol.. and you should not have put me in a position to have to choose.
Rough House  *  10-Feb-2016
PM, LG would have failed miserably at this test if we had administered this to her when she said she was calling it down the middle between us and Toonman.
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