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Cons Of An Office Job #3 Endless Meetings
Friday, 12 February, 2016
4 Recommends
pancake man  *  16-Feb-2016
cavelle I going to talk to the boss of Toonman and MGMT
cavelle  *  15-Feb-2016
PM that what me a say
Observer  *  15-Feb-2016
Toonman to me is me work place you talking bout in this one here
pancake man  *  13-Feb-2016
(in terminator voice) I wont be back boss man... as u can see no one is there to even listen to your announcement of meetings... only Toonman becuz he don't want to lose his day job.... night job aint paying him enough so lol lol lol
pancake man  *  13-Feb-2016
Cavelle u asking the wrong person becuz I aint going to none of these meetings... what he think this is.. meetarama?? rally of the meets? Meeto Fest??
Overseer  *  12-Feb-2016
I already have a meeting set for all those times Boss. Can't make it. Sorry! (In my bugs bunny voice)
choosen one  *  12-Feb-2016
lololol nice one toonman
cavelle  *  12-Feb-2016
PM(de boss with a vex face) how de hell you want so much dam meeting oh well LG and i wont be coming
LG  *  12-Feb-2016
Lioness Thats my son on his first job (In green) (he just graduate from University) He's the hardworking Boss (LG train dem to be leaders) lol... and that likkle young rude boy trainee need to watch it..bout "Bite Me" A hope he could bite an unemployment check...LOL.. That is RH son!
Lioness  *  12-Feb-2016
Can't be the boss have a life or wife LOL. Big Valentines weekend and him talking about meetings on the weekend? He want a kick up you know where. LG come get your man .
Hotta  *  12-Feb-2016
LG  *  12-Feb-2016
That's de Interm.... Toonman younger brother..LOL... He in Training (diapers that is)...LOL
Hotta  *  12-Feb-2016
yh LG but y does he look like he still in diapers
LG  *  12-Feb-2016
Toonman A really hope you only cussing your boss in Your Head you know.(mek sure your lips aint moving).....LOl.. cause that is rude.. and PM Carnt draw... I expect my toons daily.. So no go bite nobody and lose your job... OKAY!
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