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If You Can't Beat Them... Join Them?
Tuesday, 23 February, 2016
2 Recommends
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
In this gender-less society, the blind talk to the deaf. It cracks me up.
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
I like the game. Enough said.
Big Fan  *  25-Feb-2016
Big Fan is all questions there so TM got it right straight off the bat.
CTDM  *  24-Feb-2016
lolol well i'll wait and i can sew my mom was a seamstress so i learnt a tin or 2 sms
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
Oh Yeah.. and are you young girls don't like wear all you size... lol... So when de frock reach....No squeeze up in a it and buss it out!.(only one you goin get). LOL..and are you cant sew eeeda...LOL
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
lol.. You see I aint forget So as long as I owe you mean you one frock .......just know you have a frock
CTDM  *  24-Feb-2016
I plead the 5th....lolol...LG LG LG i love you so much see and i still aint get this Frock eh so you Owe me mind
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
and since you on that subject of questioning gender.. Here's who I'm not sure about.... Big Fan ..He/she has never claimed a gender.. BF just rolled with what we and Overseer... Never identified.. lol... now.. tek CTDM aka Mixup.. in the beginning I though she was a man.. Till she beg me for a frock... then I knew.. lol
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
Wait dey a minuite Hotta... Just realized what your TM and TG stands for...NO... Toonman Is not a Toongirl..We've already discussed this.. He writes like a man, tumbles like a man lol... and ...Waaaeellllll... nevermind de rest.. Toonman is a man... Right CTDM?..LOL
Hotta  *  24-Feb-2016
you got that right LG, lolol you killing me
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
No Hotta.... TM is not a woman...Was just trying to point out that a lang time RH disgusting and sitting in the back a de class...LOL.... Lioness there will be no classroom in the future.. everyone will study (and work) from home via a virtual setting..... Right Oh... and they wont have to Right
Lioness  *  24-Feb-2016
LG what kinda teacher you be? This is what classrooms in the future will look like very soon indeed.
Hotta  *  24-Feb-2016
LG are you saying that Toonman is a woman? BTW how do we know TM isnt TG
Friend  *  24-Feb-2016
LG  *  23-Feb-2016
Mary Jo Spack?
Rough House  *  23-Feb-2016
LG, that teacher and I in detention alone? Hmmmmmmm.....I wonder what can she be up to?
LG  *  23-Feb-2016
Cause he don't have any broughtupsy!....LOL
Cavelle  *  23-Feb-2016
LG why is it that PM always getting in trouble I love this teacher
whine Up  *  23-Feb-2016
LG  *  23-Feb-2016
Replacing Names above with Toonville Residents... Names written in order of conversation.........Toonman , Toonman , RH , LG
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