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"Grammer" Nazi
Thursday, 25 February, 2016
2 Recommends
CTDM  *  26-Feb-2016
lolol i hear you
LG  *  26-Feb-2016
CTDM... That is the job of a you claim to be the I'm just a self-proclaimed unpaid spokesperson of the non-established and un-endorsed welcoming
CTDM  *  25-Feb-2016
LG always want put me in de hotseat wen she know all de rules and bylaws of Toonville but anyways a mean whether you're just visiting or here to stay there will be no cursing up in here up in here and no interfering with anyone in Toonville especially LG.
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
Can someone tell me who let RH out of detention? (bout LG next)..humph!... A going send you right back in there with PM and you can write on walls all day as punishment!
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
New in town... Welcome to Toonville... CTDM will soon deliver the bylaws to you.. please be sure to read section 10 paragraph 4........ There's to be no Rightin (writing) on the wall in Toonville.... lol.....Well Nevermind.. (whisper)...That's all we do in Toonville...LOL
New in town  *  25-Feb-2016
and the writing is on the wall
whine Up  *  25-Feb-2016
wait a minute whose a mean who's wall is this? i hope its not her's and all she's worried about is the spelling/grammar...something wrong with her
Hotta  *  25-Feb-2016
i hear you but i dont do bails
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
Right rite. Stand by for the bail out call just in case they catch up to me.
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
Overseer you can go rite (ah mean Right) ahead playing Undercover "Double Agent" LOL..
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
Don't let out all of my secrets. Trying to work undercover. Aight?
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
and you wrong about write Overseer...or are you Right about Right.... Is that why you "Left"..ah ha
Hotta  *  25-Feb-2016
you mean write? right Overseer??
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
See you in detention. making me have to rite. I mean wright! Lol The idea. Exiting the class chat.
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
and if you were working on that edit button we could correct without submitting... and why CTDM aka Mixup is the only one with an edit button.... is she highly or is it Favored? Hummmph!
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
It's Toonman who you dropping WUD on today?.....LOL
Rough House  *  25-Feb-2016
Rough House  *  25-Feb-2016
FInally!!! LG IS NEXT!!!!
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