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New Tricks
Monday, 29 February, 2016
3 Recommends
Lioness  *  1-Mar-2016
Local-loose-teeth Granny aka LG you a de best LOL!
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
Wu.. I always believe people should work with what they give I cannot tell Toonman what age to at that age people have grandchildren who are in their late 30's (fresh out a diaper) 40's (need Training pants) and early 50's...(Ripe and ready)...LOL.. So I have to work with what Toonman put on the table..LOL
whine Up  *  1-Mar-2016
me foot LG dat look like somebody grandchild you got there lolol
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
lolol LG tek de case and gimme de pillow i cant go wid you buh
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
LOL..Ha ha.. NOPE!... Don't care!... lol.. Thought you were the "Lioness".... Well Kip you "Leopard" in you yard!... This "Local Granny" not going be training dem for you...LOL... A goin train dem and keep them....LOL
Lioness  *  1-Mar-2016
LG stands for "Loose-teeth Granny" so yes this is you in the future LG LOL. And yes that fella is half your age, but you don't care do you? LOL
LG  *  29-Feb-2016
LOL... Gyul Hotta....These young boys nowadays are such "Pain In The A..double crooked letter" That Old LG has decided to "Take A Bite Out Of Crime"... LOLOLOLOL
Hotta  *  29-Feb-2016
lordt LG a thought was me one who saw that sms you practicing early eh...lolol
Big Fan  *  29-Feb-2016
hahahaha hehehehe...speechless
LG  *  29-Feb-2016
LOL...@ Hotta.... Tooman.... Granny is a cougar? LOL... Cause that man skin don't look wrinkled at all.. LOL.... All a can say Hotta is.. If this is LG of the future... then... Hummpphhh!! ... Watch out.... ...(ah better not call names or initials)...LOL
Hotta  *  29-Feb-2016
hahaaa tek it EZ LG lolol
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