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Tuesday, 1 March, 2016
2 Recommends
LG  *  2-Mar-2016
Overseer  *  2-Mar-2016
The PostMan wearing a badge that says DheeHaichEll
LG  *  2-Mar-2016
Okay OV...... LOL... are we talking Fednext Guy, The WhasUPS Man or your regular old " Karl Malone Mailman"... cause......whatever happened to your invite depends on your response.... LOL.. cause you know...Things happen to mail depending on who delivering it...(smirking devilishly)... LOL
Overseer  *  2-Mar-2016
Oh my LG. I didn't mean to crash the party. But you know how it is. We see a crowd gathering and we want to know whats up. And you know sometimes PostMan mix-up the mails them. Just trying to save his job by not complaining to the General. So, (cough, cough) did he accidentally on purpose leave my invite by you? LOL
LG  *  2-Mar-2016
Yeah.. Wu.. There you go... Ghost Baby.. LOL.... A miss me some G though...LOL
whine Up  *  2-Mar-2016
girll LG is more like Ghost Baby sms
Hotta  *  2-Mar-2016
BF i would take the blame any day if it was my fav cake but its not sms
LG  *  2-Mar-2016
Hey G... Whine Up.. I have suspicions that the "G" in G-Baby stands for God...(as in God Baby).... I'm starting to think she's the "Three In One".... NO!.. Not the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (even though she have Ghost like behavior.. always appearing and disappearing) When a say "Three In One"... a talking bout... She, RH and PM.... they always appear and disappear together,....LOL... But HEY G.. Welcome
whine Up  *  2-Mar-2016
me arm G wey you been? how you? hope all is well?
G-Baby  *  2-Mar-2016
Happy Anniversary SKNVibes and all Toonvillians
Big Fan  *  2-Mar-2016
Hotta everybody blaming you because we know the truth so stop look company and blame Big Fan.
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
well i see everybody blaming me Hotta but its all good... lolol
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
Well Overseer if you no bin get de invite... How you have nerve to be crashing de party... and come een all bold face and boisterous tarking bout serious talk to Postman. .....Some people Pompous boy...LOL
Overseer  *  1-Mar-2016
LG did my invite get mixed in with your mail again. I will have to have a serious talk with Mr. PostMan.
Overseer  *  1-Mar-2016
Happy Annivesyday. That is 1 huge MegaBite gone swimming. Wonder if it will turn up for the next Anniversyday?
Lioness  *  1-Mar-2016
Happy Anniversary sknvibes! Hotta you liquish liquish bout cake come in all shapes and sizes LOL.
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
A wonder if PM and RH got invited to this party or if they still in detention?
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
Just so long as you Hotta & Big Fan don't start no scene in de people party.. Both are you nyam off de cake.. LG baked and decorated that cake and look how you all bite it off.. Where is the spinning SKNvibes Topper that I put on top that cake?...
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
LG Hotta only eat rum cake but i have to eat home else i might not reach back home might 4get where i live.....sms
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
BF you aint see you mouth full and dutty from de cake lolol
Big Fan  *  1-Mar-2016
Happy Anniversary SKNVibes, remember to keep using protection (from the viruses) especially now you celebrating. Hotta is so de cake shape.
LG  *  1-Mar-2016
Happy Birthaversary SKNVibes and Toonvillians.. 14 is a special number... Hotta wipe the crumbs off you face..Lol
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
a wonder y Bigfan bite off de ppl cake brahahaha
Hotta  *  1-Mar-2016
Happy Birthday/Anniversary SKNVibes and all Toonvillians
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