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No Internet Toonman
Wednesday, 9 March, 2016
2 Recommends
pancake man  *  12-Mar-2016
LG wha u putting me and RH in eh?/ we aint behind of anything... we were suspended lol
pancake man  *  12-Mar-2016
hey guys I'm baccckkkk lol lol was suspended lol
Miss NB  *  12-Mar-2016
Sometimes all they need is to plug out and plug back in and it runs smooth... 14 years it will get boring a she needs is to dust maybe buy her something new and she will be good again :)
cavelle  *  10-Mar-2016
Well i tell you toonman maybe she not getting the loving she need better change that after 14 year main tink she gone go a nex year
LG  *  10-Mar-2016
Big Fan...Their plans pulled a "BF" "Back Fired"....LOL..... You just lucky you had lime in you
Big Fan  *  10-Mar-2016
Well if T.M wouldn't go in de hole RH had to come up with another plan to catch him so if obeah he obeah him so be it
Hotta  *  9-Mar-2016
lolol tek it ez Rose
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
You"re right Rose..and goodnight...cause right now my eyes beholding sleep..."see ya"
Rose  *  9-Mar-2016
Ok, LG. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so let's agree to disagree.
LG  *  9-Mar-2016 you and your Jack starting fires and confusion?...well go on wid you bad self.....Just you dont take the "spark" from my your Jack or Jill Jack can hold a "candle" to
Rose  *  9-Mar-2016
No, that's Jill's Jack you describing. My Jack don't put out fires...he creates them, if you know what I mean.
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
Watch your mouth Rose...He's young, handsome and shy....and he's still in LG's training school...he's not clumsy like Jack know how to do is Stop, drop and roll like he putting out fires....with Toonman.....Life's Great....hence the LG...,
Rose  *  9-Mar-2016
So that's how TM look...handsome little thing but he ain't got nothing on Jack. Jack is better looking and has better posture.
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
A hear RH tun OBEAH Man!
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
You do realize that PM & RH... Ley me write that again....RH & PM... behind this whole fiasco....
Lioness  *  9-Mar-2016
This internet ting a mash up we life...ya'll aint realize its long time Lioness aint in Toonville? LOL i can relate.
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
Ov you are so right.. Sounds like the plight of a woman.. Overworked and under appreciated!............But OV.. sometimes you go to work to get rest.. (LG can identify)
Overseer  *  9-Mar-2016
I think she is complaining that after 14 years of hard work she still has no Intern. imagine working 14 years without a vacation.
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
Hotta it looks like you, CTV aka CTY and myself are the only ones with Toonman you need a new Internet provider... That one there fast asleep! and she not providing anything but lip!
LG  *  9-Mar-2016
Mmmmm!... Is that your story Toonman?.....Is that your excuse why .....I aint no Toons?...... You stick wid that... I guess CTDM sleeping too!..Oh and you didn't sign your toon.. and your name not SknVibes... you have a real name...LOL
Hotta  *  9-Mar-2016
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