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Friday, 11 March, 2016
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  14-Mar-2016
lol lol lol lol LG I'm not even laughing
Hotta  *  14-Mar-2016
Oh my LG am de Orrrrriginald Hotta not a soul can have my name even if e spell different one Hotta in Toonville
LG  *  14-Mar-2016
Lioness...a had done start recycle names.. (since im Toonville new Registrar..) but a had put yours to de side.. A knew you was coming back...
LG  *  14-Mar-2016
Lioness... Just when a was about to miss you and call you name... You came back.. You came back before your expiration You came back on a toon last week... A gave everybody a week vacation...and you came back early.. LOL.. Lioness a would miss you
Lioness  *  14-Mar-2016
Well well I see LG aint miss Lioness but it alright. Lioness is back lol.
LG  *  14-Mar-2016
Hotta he come big up big up tarking bout " im baaack" no bin tell mobody e a lef" done de way e de new byuo spell it!
Hotta  *  13-Mar-2016
lolol a wonder wa rock he crawl out from eh
LG  *  13-Mar-2016
Ponecake....e reach can use the name Ruff Horse...thats
pancake man  *  13-Mar-2016
lol lol lol I don't want to laugh
pancake man  *  13-Mar-2016
who is this imposter??
Ponecake Man  *  12-Mar-2016
LG a thought you said a could use the name pancake man since you get rid a him?
pancake man  *  12-Mar-2016
and it worked... we had to sacrifice a clone...
pancake man  *  12-Mar-2016
not vacation... suspension well know about it but you playing smart eh..... and we trying to frighten TM while he defuse the bomb... lol this was our new plan we made up in suspension lol lol lol
pancake man  *  12-Mar-2016
hey guys I'm baccckkkk lol lol was suspended lol
Hotta  *  11-Mar-2016
lolol yes yes
LG  *  11-Mar-2016
He owes us three days worth a back Toons!...So he better wuk overtime this weekend...
LG  *  11-Mar-2016
All he doing is dropping hint bout internet not working and when I look he on front page a newspaper like celebrity... LOL
Hotta  *  11-Mar-2016
guess we wont invited LG and we is who was behind him 100%
whine Up  *  11-Mar-2016
present teacher
LG  *  11-Mar-2016
Toonman you better talk and tell me where everybody went....and why you never invite me to de big party (maybe that's why I'm still here)... wha you do wid dem TM?
LG  *  11-Mar-2016
Hotta... What is going on...I know everybody didn't take vacation together.. Where is the gang... I've given them over a week already. .Femme, Wu, Mixup, RH, PM?... How come only me and you have computer access..enough is enough now.. Even poor Toonman working outta somebody basement... what's going on?
Hotta  *  11-Mar-2016
RH and PM at it again....sigh
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