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Children Obey Your Parents!!
Monday, 14 March, 2016
2 Recommends
Lioness  *  16-Mar-2016
I love this toon hahahha. He think he a man...go build your own house! LoL
pancake man  *  15-Mar-2016
OK Overseer I hear you, she will send you the bills
pancake man  *  15-Mar-2016
Gbaby we have clones now supervised and instructed under LG lol she have all these new toons roaming around the city like wild cats
Hotta  *  15-Mar-2016
but LG i here all de time wa tory dis now most times i in Toonville first noone can replace me Orrriginald me say
Overseer  *  15-Mar-2016
PM..My mother did not kick me out. IO gone long time ago...and I built one to block her view, so I hope her internet and cable never goes out, never mind the electricity.
LG  *  15-Mar-2016
Oh.. Hooter is Hotta's clone... Home all day and work Hooters at night...LOL... So a give she de name Hooter... Ponecake was to replace Pancake Man.. but PM reach back... We have a Ruff Horse in de mix.. very fitting name to replace RH....LOL...A still fine tuning the list.. so let me know if you have ideas...BTW.. this new set don't know how to use the like poor
G-Baby  *  15-Mar-2016
LG  *  15-Mar-2016
G-Baby.. Gyul its "Invasion of the body snatchers" In Toonville... A cloning all the missing people... Wait till you see the new Femme...She Name... Fannie..LOL... Little Ricky new roof right out dey in me back yard... Is dawg house me say... He does reach back een for food!...LOL
G-Baby  *  15-Mar-2016
LMAO not one man can take my name caz 'im d original an a don't do copy' can they b a nxt time now he's under his own roof?
LG  *  15-Mar-2016
LOL.. Hey G... Your name was coming up on the recycle list next... LOL.... A girl done call an say if G-Booty was available... You better stay current... LOL... Next time he open he mouth so rude he going be enjoying a different kind a was his free pass...
G-Baby  *  15-Mar-2016
wait tell me sumthing is it 2 hotta now or 1 wid different spelling? caz a know LG use to do it sumtimes to....a only gone for a second an it seems to have drama in toonvill....LG why u put out d man ain he fault me mouth open an words came out he was more more on d tv
Hooter  *  14-Mar-2016
LG why you say a could only use me new name at night?. Who da person be? Why she aint sleeping?
Hotta  *  14-Mar-2016
lolol sorry meant his own blocks and land
pancake man  *  14-Mar-2016
hahaha very funny... Overseer why your mother kick you out??
Rose  *  14-Mar-2016
LG!  *  14-Mar-2016
Yes Rose...Ricky wad being rude so he got kicked out the big he building his dog house!.....God know what he was doing you hear cause "a carnt tek rude pickney tarl tarl"
Rose  *  14-Mar-2016
Im convinced that's LG.
Overseer  *  14-Mar-2016
Hotta: How you so sure is he own blocks. Besides, that sounds like daddy encouraging him there. Mommy just might turn up asking where all her blocks disappear to. LOL
Hotta  *  14-Mar-2016
lolol Overseer, i hope that she owna land he a build on with his owna blocks you check
Overseer  *  14-Mar-2016
Mom, can I get something to eat? Sure son. You are a teenager now so you can do what you like. There is a supermarket with a deli down the street.
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