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A Missed Breakthrough!
Wednesday, 16 March, 2016
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  17-Mar-2016
RH it is a Soap Opera... worse than Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the restless combine
pancake man  *  17-Mar-2016
well well RH a where u been??
Rose  *  17-Mar-2016
Jill and I are cool. Im just messing with her. But that system is censoring things that need not be censored. It's all good though.
Rough House  *  17-Mar-2016
Seems we now have "Soap Opera" in Toonville. Some women "Trippin" up in here?
LG  *  17-Mar-2016
To Rose & Jill.....please resolve the Jack issue before you are summoned before the "Toonville Man Problems" want no tensions roun
Rose  *  16-Mar-2016
I was going to say something about Jill but they censor me so i'll let it slide.
Rose  *  16-Mar-2016
@Jill. SMH.
Jill  *  16-Mar-2016
Is this a Nike commercial? "Just do it"
LG  *  16-Mar-2016 know how much begging a had to do to bring you back....hope you learned how to show appreciation while you were locked away with a big pen......ah mean the pen...
Hotta  *  16-Mar-2016
Rough House  *  16-Mar-2016
It seems like Toonman banned me from the town of Toonville, but that is one reason night was created. To use darkness to make moves and smuggle back into places.
LG  *  16-Mar-2016
Well look me sin & trouble......LOL.... Welcome Back RH!....You were missed.....
Rough House  *  16-Mar-2016
"Finally, Rough House has come back to Toonville" (in the Rock's voice).
LG  *  16-Mar-2016
Gyul Lioness... PM Bailed on his friend and left RH in the hole by himself...LOL
Lioness  *  16-Mar-2016
Lioness approves this message! Do It-Dont Quit! Look how PM would have been a rich man no lol.
Hotta  *  16-Mar-2016
Overseer he cant see the gold that's the light from his helmet allow me to take over brah but what i find is all mind
LG  *  16-Mar-2016
Toonman.. I like that "Don't Quit, Do It" Thing you have going on there.. Going to send it to my kids..(not your toon of course..don't want to get into copyright trouble)..LOL.... I think that's RH not realizing how good he had it... Dug his way into a hole...Now Stuck!!!!..LOL.. RH you had gold right in ya face and chiseled away at looking for something else.....LOL
Overseer  *  16-Mar-2016
I guess he thought he was blinded by the sun and forgot he was actually underground. Next time he should wear shades. I want some of that in my back yard. that way I need not worry about the Office Con Jobs.
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