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A Handy Job
Thursday, 17 March, 2016
2 Recommends
pancake man  *  18-Mar-2016
alright LG lol lol Lioness
LG  *  18-Mar-2016
Stop starting mess.. Hotmess Lioness....I could care less!
Lioness  *  18-Mar-2016
Well LG seems you and RH got toonville beef LOL. But as PM said-with friends like these who need enemies. But this is what all criminals deserves, they better go look wuk and stop thief!
LG  *  17-Mar-2016
OH!....Thanks other words. Its RH!.....see he still dropping wud, biting off heads and holding grudges cause i didnt agree with his shenanigans......what2theever RH...
pancake man  *  17-Mar-2016
LG obviously something in the vault like a lion or tiger or alligator bit his hand off when he went for the valuables... but going to send the other fella in with his two hands in... well well with friends like these who need enemies lol
the skinny  *  17-Mar-2016
And a hand Job it they call himstumpy
Rough House  *  17-Mar-2016
No trust issues here LG. I know for a fact you can't be trusted.
Rough House  *  17-Mar-2016
LG  *  17-Mar-2016
Gross!... Hotta I'm still confused.. That contraption looks like an old time washing machine or a vault... How did he lose his hands?..I cant LOL till I understand..and I don't understand...So Look here TM........ I'm getting ready to leave work... Toonman... A want a do over! You can call me on my cell and explain this one...LOL..Hotta you can call me too!.. Somebody needs to explain this to LG
Hotta  *  17-Mar-2016
lolol LG they have bags on they head...what is puzzling is there is no blood that looks like a nice juicy leg of lamb heheheee
LG  *  17-Mar-2016
RH... are you having "Trust" Issues?
LG  *  17-Mar-2016
Okay... LG is a little slow today so... No Comprende' TM.... ( Whistling birds in my head)... What kind of machine is that and are those aliens....LG has finally been stumped!
Rough House  *  17-Mar-2016
You have to really be aware of some co-workers and so call friends.
Overseer  *  17-Mar-2016
Was that wound cauterized in the amputation process? Or is it just that he is not a bleeder?
Overseer  *  17-Mar-2016
Was that wound cauterized in the amputation process? Or is it just that he is not a bleeder?
Overseer  *  17-Mar-2016
Tsk...Tsk...Tsk...With friends like these. Enough said.
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