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Likes Don't Help Nobody!
Friday, 18 March, 2016
5 Recommends
Hotta  *  22-Mar-2016
yes Boomblast go right ahead
Boomblast  *  22-Mar-2016
Is It okay for me to like this?
Hotta  *  21-Mar-2016
LG  *  21-Mar-2016
That's because Rose think I'm a Ratbat like you Hotta.....LOL.. LG have to get she sleep and Mr. LG not allowing no computer, or phone in his bed...LOL... So Rose......Hotta is the one does be up late at night... She and PM
Hotta  *  21-Mar-2016
huh... it seems LG was on Rose mind all weekend
Rose  *  21-Mar-2016
@LG. Im just saying good morning. Bye now.
LG  *  21-Mar-2016
Some people to fahwud,,,but anyway...Good Morning Rose...I'm here for the next 5 - 10 (peeping back and forth). How may I help you?
Big Fan  *  21-Mar-2016
TM where's you nickle pan? Anyway see a leaving likke food for you.
Rose  *  20-Mar-2016
LG, you there?
Rose  *  20-Mar-2016
Hotta  *  19-Mar-2016
well said LG so true, i put my family needs above my own
LG  *  19-Mar-2016 not that vain, but sad to say there are people out there who does that.....dress to the nines and dont have a pot to (can i say that).....well you get the idea....LG is a fasjionista but sure not at the expense of having food, shelter and financial security for my family...thats for sure..
Hotta  *  19-Mar-2016
why cant i be homeless and nicely dress
whine Up  *  18-Mar-2016
hey look here skinny man/woman who ever you be i think you need to go learn to cook or divorce you wife or just shut the hell up dont no one care here go get a life ah ah
CTDM  *  18-Mar-2016
ohhh so Mr. Skinny and Bob and whatever else you call youself you back eh....wait for me
Hotta  *  18-Mar-2016
lolol ok coolio
LG  *  18-Mar-2016
Hotta dont ask me who anybody else is....a quitting the welcome committee.....we have a "fat" problem!!!!!!!!!! I will fill you in when we get rid of "IT" !!!!!
Overseer  *  18-Mar-2016
If that is ToonMan then I will pay for some of what he has growing his hair. See how much he get since the "No Internet" toon?
the skinny  *  18-Mar-2016
I try to cook a tasty meal yesterday for lunch but.....been on the toilet for last 24 hours..... heaven help me.....please !!!!!!!
Rough House  *  18-Mar-2016
I think the concept of this is, we need a button for sorrow or should I say sadness. Having a like button for this sends a wrong signal. If the drawing is Toonman, then it deserves to have a like button and receive hundreds of "likes".
LG  *  18-Mar-2016
All yesterday de man put out a toon and only 3 you'll like it.. Hummphh!.. and come to think about it... I hit de button twice!.. Shame on uno! ..LOL... This calls for a Toonville meeting and the passing out of demerits!
whine Up  *  18-Mar-2016
that going be PM and RH soon when dem get kick out of Toonville
Hotta  *  18-Mar-2016
LG well grab de message enuh L but how she like she owna way and like put she own spin on things there's no one like my LG
LG  *  18-Mar-2016
I grasp the message very well Lioness.. He saying people cant live on Likes....A maybe slow sometimes (well once in a blue moon).... but a not blonde.....A just like to take TM toons on a different ride/twist sometimes..But I get it... Some people live for likes though...especially them FB junkies... lol.... TM saying likes never feed nobody yet!
Hotta  *  18-Mar-2016
i just did LG hahaaa
Lioness  *  18-Mar-2016
LOL LG i always "liked" Toonman toons. But I don't think you grasp the message lol. Lawd aryou send the man a lil change no or at least lil food.
LG  *  18-Mar-2016
Should I break it down for them Toonman?...(well I will anyway)..... You all need to push the like button before Toonman end up without a job and homeless!... A tired tell all you so!
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