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Where's My Water?
Monday, 21 March, 2016
2 Recommends
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
LOL @ FP.......teach
Femme Pouvoir  *  23-Mar-2016
Thanks LG but the thing is I aint got no water now but I could understand the rationing it is essential. At least enough there for me to watch my putty cat.LOL
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
Missed you FP. Welcome back
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Mar-2016
Thanks for reminding us of not wasting life precious resource even though everyday we still do. What annoys me most is whether you passing or sitting in a public bus to smell some young men below 50 smelling like SKN aint got no water at all and some of them over 50 smelling like a new born baby or more so appetising.Guys I am back but not to waste the water.
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
Hotta you should have been the one to respond to OV, because you a de one that say you carnt go without water..... LOL.. Stop making me clean up your "spills" Hotta...LOL
Hotta  *  22-Mar-2016
lolol @ LG
whine Up  *  22-Mar-2016
Oh my and that sun looks so hotttt....goodness me
Lioness  *  22-Mar-2016
I want me water!!!
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
You got jokes OV?.. Well isn't it a good thing they bounce back quickly and also have nine lives....No Shortage a water goin kill 'em... So Ha D Ha to that...
Overseer  *  22-Mar-2016 know what they say about curiosity. And they do not like water. LOL
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
RH I Tried to, but your two "Boys" Thing 1 & Thing 2 used it all up!
Rough House  *  22-Mar-2016
LG, did you try to make it to the pipe to get your weave wash?
pancake man  *  21-Mar-2016
lol lol I like that Overseer
LG  *  21-Mar-2016
lol.. Nice @ Overseer the Overthinker...Lol....Overseer are you by chance a politician or in politics? lol..Just curious
Overseer  *  21-Mar-2016
This cannot be right. That pipe seems to be standing in a puddle of water. It seems like the problem is that the technicians don't like to fix leaks. Ergo, no water makes it to the taps.
LG  *  21-Mar-2016
Hotta... (smiling)... I think you have already made it clear that you stay well
Hotta  *  21-Mar-2016
water Shortage? that looks more like a drought to me....Hotta cant even go a day without water never mind 2 you mad
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