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Must Be A Coincidence....
Wednesday, 23 March, 2016
3 Recommends
Hotta  *  25-Mar-2016
holding in my laughter @ LG
LG  *  24-Mar-2016
That's the best you can do Lioness? After you done let him charm the...... Arm.... You know.... lol... That's the best excuse you can come up with...Lawrd some women will stand by their man no matter what... Lioness.. Give it up......LOL.. Don't let that "Hazel eyed-contact wearing-too tight neck tie-hairline receding-dressing like he going funeral-shyster." get the best of you..A going find you somebody new.
Lioness  *  24-Mar-2016
Ok guys i now see the difference. His eyebrows are not the same LOL. So maybe it's his brother LOL.
LG  *  24-Mar-2016
Hotta you notice how he describing de person and nothing written on his cue card / news sheet...whatever you call it? and little miss red head aka Femme she look like she reporting from memory cause nothing on she paper eeda....A hope this not SKNvibes... lol... Where's Mixup anyhow?
Hotta  *  24-Mar-2016
Hptta done lock dung tight tight tight not even ants can get in and even if they do Hotta has backup
LG  *  24-Mar-2016
oO0OH!.. Food for thought.. "I see said the blind man" and here I am thinking you are on an extended vacation.. LoL... Alrighty then...C ya later!
Overseer  *  24-Mar-2016
Thanks LG. That's a load off my mind. Now if only the date went a little better I would not have to make up excuses about who died to explain my absence.
Lioness  *  24-Mar-2016
Well well well...i wonder if it's one the newbies this toon is about. Yes, I do believe that one shaking is WhineUp. As for LG, you need to be more careful who you "date". I gone so >>>
LG  *  24-Mar-2016
Overseer...........Mmmm....Who in Toonville might your doubleganger be? (forever the curious LG).... We are very forgiving here in Toonville if you trying to come clean and clear your conscience.....
Overseer  *  24-Mar-2016
That is the problem with us when we keep saying that everybody has a double somewhere. Sooner or later, we have to pay for the mistakes of the double.
LG  *  24-Mar-2016
Well all I know is that he wouldn't be setting foot or anything else in Toonville... He could stay in Creek's village. LG has a set of fine "Cutlery" she's been anxious to use. Furthermore... Ms. Bobbit just took up residency next door... Ley he come.. He going be one leg short of a tripod (...a mean the camera stand)
whine Up  *  24-Mar-2016
leave me Whine Up put of this i know when to shake aint any and any body can whineup Whine Up heheee
Hotta  *  24-Mar-2016
lolol Ms LG
LG  *  24-Mar-2016 takes more than a "Small Axe" to get LG to shake that's Whine Up....(that person seems to be the nervous type).... lol... I just waiting to hear Femme version a dis story....You know Femme is an In-depth news reporter...LOL
Hotta  *  24-Mar-2016
must be his twin man he looks unaware...LG y you shaking you hear a small axe tune nuh?? heheheee
pancake man  *  23-Mar-2016
Whineup, one a de clone dem in toonville reporting the news about himself lol lol he head nuh good at all
pancake man  *  23-Mar-2016
TM what you telling me... you reporting your own news lol lol you the rapist and still the reporter... well sah story high so tail hahhaahhaha
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
lol @ WU... He aint so smart to be reading the news...LOL.. Unless he's the one that wrote the caption for "Other News"....LOL... Me garn you hear...
whine Up  *  23-Mar-2016
must be dah idiot that keep changing his name
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
I've got the actual footage from WGNT-Toonville........
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
(In my Antoine Dodson voice) "Hide Ya wife, Hide Ya kids...and Hide Ya Husband too"
Hotta  *  23-Mar-2016
OMG am locking my doors there is a rapist in Toonville
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