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The Last Conkie
Tuesday, 29 March, 2016
3 Recommends
Hotta  *  30-Mar-2016
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
LOL.... Hotta he done cuss me off..You no think he gat He was invited!...He chose not to come even though he was hungry an craving de Conkie...LOL
Hotta  *  30-Mar-2016
this one seems like he crawl our from under de table
Rough House  *  30-Mar-2016
Seems like I'll have to walk with my Las next time around.
Overseer  *  30-Mar-2016
Where is a Jeannie when you need one for this Must be a bad dream. Somebody is bewitched.
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
LOL @ OV.. This Toonville family is very complex (trying to choose my words wisely) The dynamics of it seems to a combination of....Yes....The Adams Family, The Klumps, Madea Big Happy Family, My Big Fat Greek aka SKN family... Yes and throw in Empire too... LOL.. Me nar call no names, but everybody know who they represent...LOL
Overseer  *  30-Mar-2016
LOL. that is what happens when you use a tablet to view a cartoon. You miss all the fine print. good thing I am on the computer noe. Even the Addamms Family is making it to this reunion. (budududum hmhm budududum..)
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
LOL... Okay.. I think "Everybody Was Kung Fu Konkie Crazy" cause Big Fan....Who you talking to? Observer has not commented are you talking to Overseer was That's why LG does like to abbreviate..okay
Hotta  *  30-Mar-2016
me tort was a knife too enuh BF but is a good tin i can read but i guess overseer undersee or overlook cause he aint read de fine prints sms
Big Fan  *  30-Mar-2016
Air Strike come een team conkie attack. What flip flop Jill a come from the far left. Observer you not a very good observer that's not a knife is saw dem saw table. Conkie ago hit the floor
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
Well Femme a hope you own a pumpkin patch and a potato farm....cause a hear that family dey could eeeeat!!!!...Lol.....(a will finish my thought Lyte warn help wid she hair)....
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Mar-2016
It seems as the whole of Toonville went to LG house for the konkies she cooked for Easter. What a madhouse. I am so glad I stayed home.Even the ratas squad was on hand. Man even dropping from parachutes to get konkie look mother wuk. I gonna see if i could make some pumpkin and potato pancakes for PM cause i know no one but he and his family will come. Yes the pancake family
Overseer  *  30-Mar-2016
LG I was coming to get some but the madness got me scared. Did you see all those weapons of mass destruction flying all over? And I am not sure what direction that knife next to the conckie going next. Can't type without fingers.
whine Up  *  30-Mar-2016
lolol ok love...tonks
LG  *  29-Mar-2016
Here you go Wu..this looks okay...LG likes hers spicy me piece when you done
LG  *  29-Mar-2016
Instructions for Wu conkies....Step a new tab for browsing...step 2...type the word conkies in search field...(look at images first..not everbody could cook)...step a good recipe....step ingredients...wellvyou get de idea....if all that LG....LOL
whine Up  *  29-Mar-2016
somebody need to tell me Whineup how to mek dem cause me granny, mommy and aunty gone and none a dem tell me and me love love love me some conkie i actually had to buy eh ****hidesface*****
Hotta  *  29-Mar-2016
me arm PM you switch from pancake? send on some conkie nuh you have Hotta mouth watering
LG  *  29-Mar-2016
Well....well...well!..... Pancake man tun conkie man you pardna Pm?
pancake man  *  29-Mar-2016
but me sorry... its a lot of work... I hate to do them... only once a year I glad.. conkie will take over pancakes once a year... then back to my pancakes
pancake man  *  29-Mar-2016
CTY these granny conkie taste good so tailll lol lol I had one for breakfast lunch and dinner today...
pancake man  *  29-Mar-2016
well TM this look like my family when we did conkie on Friday... wooooiiii lol lol I like this one... this need a part two or three, I like this hahahahahaha
CTY  *  29-Mar-2016
That must be some really good conkie.
Empowered  *  29-Mar-2016
Hahahahaha love it Toonman, best toon ever
LG  *  29-Mar-2016
This would be the LAST time I invite you Toonvillonians to my yard Easter weekend...No Broughtupsie whatsoever!...RH, PM & Big Fan... trying to crash de party by air / Overseer peeping OVA me fence..boy just come een...LOL / Miss NB fighting wid little boy blue..Femme and Toonman in a mud brawl....and whey Lioness, Wu and Hotta to help me out? Inside de house on Sknvibes Toonpages!
whine Up  *  29-Mar-2016
girrrl Lioness you dont know what you missing ask LG
Lioness  *  29-Mar-2016
Look oo me rart n trouble ya! Well i newa! Look pon confusion here! LG way you? Neighbor man, you want know how you get involved a because you like peep lol now you and all getting licks for piece a conkie LOL. (side note- good thing I don't eat those things).
whine Up  *  29-Mar-2016
well well TM you 4get de dog me see cat rat and ants where are the dogs heheee,, ms Femme there is no way i could make kankie and no get none you mad
Hotta  *  29-Mar-2016
LG please to let go RH mouth awe-me-wuk-yah
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