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What Teachers Go Through
Wednesday, 30 March, 2016
2 Recommends
Hotta  *  31-Mar-2016
wait what??
LG  *  31-Mar-2016
LOL...LOL.. @ Overseer ..."jump off an on her face"..."Acrobatic Eyebrows"..????? LOL
Overseer  *  31-Mar-2016
And talk about expressive eyebrows. They are so expressive that they jump off and on her face. Acrobatic.
Overseer  *  31-Mar-2016
Did you guys notice that even her glasses have mood swings? She must be having what a day.
whine Up  *  31-Mar-2016
lolol am not knocking anybody gray, yh she could be 30 like i said maybe her kid turn them gray lolol
Lioness  *  31-Mar-2016
Whine Up dying your hair gray when you young is the new style you and LG need to kip up lol. So maybe she just 30 lol.
LG  *  31-Mar-2016
Oh Lordt Wu..You right.. Maybe it's my cause now a come to de office she hair look gray in don't knock de gray....LOL
whine Up  *  31-Mar-2016
LG maybe am color blind but i hold my point lolol
LG  *  31-Mar-2016
Wu....that is the white SKNVibes logo in she even if she's gray....she could have a child in school...what if she's premature gray or she dyed it
whine Up  *  31-Mar-2016
she shouldn't have a child in school right now watch de color a she hair maybe de child tun dem gray or she was a late bloomer sms
pancake man  *  31-Mar-2016
lol lol no comment... this remind me of my friend
Peace  *  30-Mar-2016
Teachers!! are the best thing ever happen in human life. They give us education, knowledge and way of life. Teachers should not be made fun for. Imagine they teach the world, go home restless and cannot teach their own. You know how it feels!!!! My respects to the world teachers.
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
LOL... Are you see why a had miss Teaching is a very humble/noble profession. So I tip my hat to teachers you hear...... Some parents cant even put up wid their own pickney dem for 8 hours straight... especially dem BAK's.. Mm Mm... She only mad with the teacher cause she can't understand de child homework...LOL
Hotta  *  30-Mar-2016
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Mar-2016
All u could stop dey no wonder mi teacha friend decided to call it quits a few years ago and she now telling me how she kinda miss the nagging now especially when she home all alone but when she go and the cruises she do feel like a newborn baby.
LG  *  30-Mar-2016
Poor lady quit she Office job back on Jan 27th to come teach and she still not getting any respect... Lady..Somebody Conned you again!..either that Toonman this is little Qua'Lifriaqui'Sha'Niquia all grown up from Oct 5th...!!!
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