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No Excuses
Tuesday, 5 April, 2016
3 Recommends
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
LG  *  7-Apr-2016
Lioness...That is and she wukking part time for de big hotel.(cause de rest a de time she on Toon Center) She eyeballing de pool boy and so she put " great swimmer" on she resume", but now e start to drizzle..she no warn fe get she weave wet!....That's LG's version a de story!!
Lioness  *  7-Apr-2016
He outta order. But she wrong to put "good swimmer" on her resume, I wonder what kinda job that eh?
LG  *  7-Apr-2016
Captain Planet?..Captain Planet??? I don't think he's DC or Marvel..(frowned upon look on my face). He's some Johnny come lately character who can never save my day...You keep him and his Planeteers.. I've got my Toonvilleteers to call if I need help!!
pancake man  *  7-Apr-2016
LG you better call rescue services or Captain Planet lol lol
LG  *  6-Apr-2016
(wink Wink...shaking head in agreement..Thumbs up) Okay Got Ya!...Okay..
Overseer  *  6-Apr-2016
LG, the shark was to deal with the boat. LOL. Enough said.
Hotta  *  5-Apr-2016
you've been sacked in me African voice
LG  *  5-Apr-2016
LOL....i"ve been Trumped. Lol
Hotta  *  5-Apr-2016
lolol LG you're FIRED
Miss NB  *  5-Apr-2016
lol..... that boss really out of he have to swim in flooded water.. that boss aint like he staff...:( some boss like that for real, once they work is done they dont care how..
LG  *  5-Apr-2016
Overseer... Lol...I not trusting No Kinda Boss to come pick me up in no kinda boat... The last time we involuntarily accompanied some boss man in a boat...arrrrr...See what happened... LOL... Guess you trying to stay true to your name "Overseer"...LOL.. no way..Not LG... ley me wait till tomorrow!
Overseer  *  5-Apr-2016
That should be "ask the boss.." LOL
Overseer  *  5-Apr-2016
It is for times like this that we need that big bad shark. And ask he boss to come get us in the boat.
LG  *  5-Apr-2016
LG: Thank you sir....... but I'm not a Fish! So I'll see you @ 8 tomorrow!...Hotta the Temp is available to cover... CLICK!.... (sounds of LG going back to bed)
Hotta  *  5-Apr-2016
swim LG swim shower when you reach office heheheee
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