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Life In The Igloo #5
Wednesday, 6 April, 2016
2 Recommends
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
he in de wrong business
LG  *  7-Apr-2016
lol.. See what I mean.....Hotta all up in de man "Ice Box"
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
freeze off
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
Harold been out there too long man Lioness is a wonder his peepee no fall off sms
Lioness  *  7-Apr-2016
LOL! What a ting, she must be proper strong to push out that. But can't be they really from SK, Harold look like a real cave man lol.
LG  *  7-Apr-2016
These people might have had to leave their land of birth for whatever reason.. (leave what I think in my head)....But now they coming back to thaw out!!... So there PM!....Get the Wet Vac ready..LOL
pancake man  *  7-Apr-2016
ooooooooh they are kittitians?? I didn't know that.. where you guys from>? why you close to go Antarctica to live???
whine Up  *  6-Apr-2016
Look here there is no where those ppl from SK and all this time he never had a name or is she who doesn't have a name sms
LG  *  6-Apr-2016
That doctor should have ordered a "C" (Cold) Section..... ah ha.. .....All I know is that LG would have melted that down before attempting to deliver..(here comes baby Ice-Chip) ..or .I would have delivered a "PopSicle"
Overseer  *  6-Apr-2016
I don't care how flexible she is, no Caribbean woman will ever push out THAT any where in the world. She will not be MOVING BACK to St.Kitts. Rather, she will be MOVING to St. Kitts.
LG  *  6-Apr-2016
(LG Be Boppin in her Vanilla Ice Voice) Ice, Ice Baby....Okay Toonman ..(serious face)...enough a these people... No more "Ice Cube" jokes, No More " Chip off de old block jokes".... otherwise a going give you a "Cold Shoulder"
Hotta  *  6-Apr-2016
wait dere TM is a block of ice me wait so long for? lololol whahahahaa
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