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She Ain't Wrong Though
Thursday, 7 April, 2016
2 Recommends
Rough House  *  12-Apr-2016
WHOA!!! That little girl seems like she'll be HEAD of an organization. She's already got a HEAD start.
LG  *  8-Apr-2016
So okay Toon peeps.. Toonman got jokes..So if you take 2 and super-impose it backwards with another 2.. it takes the shape of a fish...GOODNIGHT TOONMAN...(in my Sweet Brown Voice)..."A'int Nobody Got Time for That" my head hurting me on a Friday night..
LG  *  8-Apr-2016
She's the next Toon-Artist in training.. lol... I still studying de 2 + 2 = Fish... Maybe she blonde like me...LOL
Lioness  *  8-Apr-2016
LG leave the child head alone lol. She writing what she see too.
LG  *  8-Apr-2016
She's a visual thinker, TM said.."She aint wrong though"
LG  *  8-Apr-2016
Rough House  *  8-Apr-2016
Had to be a female......LOL
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
she put the answer they gave her lolol
CTY  *  7-Apr-2016
I don't think she's that dumb. I think she's pretending.
Rose  *  7-Apr-2016
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Apr-2016
She is sure smart or I must say creative to use the 2 fingers or victory sign to make her answer. This tell that she aint so bright after all as everyone keeps giving her the answer. I do find she is a bit slow but she will get there somehow someday.
LG  *  7-Apr-2016
I have to get over the size of this child head before I can really get the gist of this toon.. This child head make she look like one of those bubble head dolls... Toonman please to adjust this child head so that I can focus on your toon.
Hotta  *  7-Apr-2016
babygirl can draw
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