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Sandy Point PRIDE
Tuesday, 12 April, 2016
4 Recommends
pancake man  *  17-Apr-2016
lol lol
Hotta  *  15-Apr-2016
lolol a hear you LG
LG  *  15-Apr-2016
Hotta... Mr. Martini was talking nonsense in me A paid de price though! A couldn't get up this morning.. LOL
Hotta  *  14-Apr-2016
LG could lol birdie LG wa you doing up so late?? leave the late nights for me sms
LG  *  14-Apr-2016
Lol..yes thats the real Femme...Femme love to giving you..The new testament, old testament, king james version and her version all in one still leave you scratching you is Femme
Lioness  *  14-Apr-2016
LOL Overseer that puddle really is indeed priceless, and his face lol. LG I don't think that is the real Femme Pouvoir lol. The message is true nontherless.
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Apr-2016
I cant help but get gospel as you know the kings of kings ,the lords of lords,the alpha amd the omega, the prince of peace, the risen king, the real lion of judah will soon come and take over his court that is his universe.Let's make sure we are ready and on the right gears for this showdown
Hotta  *  13-Apr-2016
lolol LG
LG  *  12-Apr-2016
Femme TM only giving homage to the team and community...why you preaching????
Femme Pouvoir  *  12-Apr-2016
The Lion of Judah is coming not the one for the Sandy Point Pride though
whine Up  *  12-Apr-2016
hub hub hub lolol
Overseer  *  12-Apr-2016
That puddle.....Priceless.
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