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Do Not Test Her (Alternate Version)
Wednesday, 13 April, 2016
5 Recommends
Its me  *  19-Apr-2016
HAHAHAHA good one very funny
pancake man  *  17-Apr-2016
hahahhaaha now that is a slap, wow into another nationality wow you are good mommy
chosen one  *  15-Apr-2016
This is a nice one.lolol
Lioness  *  14-Apr-2016
I hollered! hahahahahahha woooieeee. I can't even comment see.
LG  *  14-Apr-2016
Well well....look who got slapped back to Toonville ...whats That?? My BD present? girl
G-Baby  *  14-Apr-2016
Well well tha slap change complexion, looks,language an hair texture at d same time
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Apr-2016
But to think of it TM is either bilingual or trilingual or her must be trying a ting.
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Apr-2016
You can say that again LG they dont make joke when it comes to discipline. Guess what? stayed with a friend in the USA she babys sits and the parents loved her so much as i helped her out she said dont touch anyone of them(what she means I must no hit them)leave it to her.You want to see discipline my dear they were over disciline.LOL
Hotta  *  13-Apr-2016
boy Oh boy i dont think she slap her far enuff man she should of slapped her into five different nationality
Overseer  *  13-Apr-2016
I wonder if another slap will bring her back???
LG  *  13-Apr-2016
Anytime a West Indian parent put their hands on their hip(s) and ask.."What did you say" or "Come Again".... You should just run!
Big Fan  *  13-Apr-2016
OMG! this child is mad...slap her yes all now so the popo pulling me off Ms. Shauna. She would have never got teeth to call for the pound a rice
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