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Keeping Up With Standards
Thursday, 14 April, 2016
3 Recommends
LG  *  18-Apr-2016
PM I agree with your first comment... I will just LOL and your second!..and yes I know better.
pancake man  *  17-Apr-2016
I know that cant be LG so I wont even comment.. LG knows better than to do those foolish things
pancake man  *  17-Apr-2016
RH I agree, I don't understand why these women especially black women would do plastic surgery to change their entire body structure that God gave them.... which they had already look as beautiful before
LG  *  15-Apr-2016
Cavelle everybody got a "model" it .just depends on what we think we model LG model after de coca cola bottle....(yeah yeah a full a meself) old time de 2 litre some people model after box, train and Cavelle you have to specify your model you a runway model or a model who need to
cavelle  *  15-Apr-2016
I remember when i would do anything to get a body of a model but now i thank God for what he has given me
Hotta  *  14-Apr-2016
lolol now you got me Loling hahaa
hahaaa  *  14-Apr-2016
The joke is on you Mr. LOL
LG  *  14-Apr-2016
No a drag queen....LG dont need any enhancement garn is a special day so off to the spa for a liittle that kind
Lioness  *  14-Apr-2016
LG??? That's you gal? wahahaha
Rough House  *  14-Apr-2016
Doc, also advise her to invest in a brain and self esteem.
Hotta  *  14-Apr-2016
i love the boobs
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