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Equal Settlement
Friday, 15 April, 2016
3 Recommends
LG  *  18-Apr-2016
Fair enough RH..You are right about that! ... then why burn it down if you treasure it soo much? For spite or greed?.....anyway... Toonman think he's Eddie Murphy, bout half!!!.....Sometimes the more you let go ..the more space you have to receive bigger and better blessings!..
cavelle  *  18-Apr-2016
G-baby maybe it was on his half why it was not cut in half
LG  *  18-Apr-2016
G-Baby.... She took the Sectional and the Ottoman!... LOL
Rough House  *  18-Apr-2016
LG, your own is your own. Regardless if it's a matchbox car and dog house, it is still his own and maybe he doesn't owe anything on them.
LG  *  18-Apr-2016
RH.. Are they now insuring "Matchbox" cars and "Dog Houses"??????? Hmmm!!! He could kip all cause half a nothing is still nothing!... I'll take half the beer!... lol
G-Baby  *  18-Apr-2016
So if the wife took half of everything y is he sitting in a whole chair?????
Rough House  *  18-Apr-2016
I would have burnt it down so we can split the insurance money on everything.
cavelle  *  18-Apr-2016
LG me agree with you cause how can someone use half a toilet hmmmmm PM and RH marriage is a wonderful thing man
CTY  *  15-Apr-2016
Half better than none.
LG  *  15-Apr-2016
LOLOLOL... Lawrd help me wid Femme!.. Preach Sistah Preach...LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  15-Apr-2016
Equal rights and justice. Half of everything.This is more of what they call half a hog head and wheel cart right here. That is why TM and PM and RH and others fraid to marry.
LG  *  15-Apr-2016
She should have kept the entire car and give him the whole Just observing and assessing!!!
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