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What Happens When You Bleach Part 2
Wednesday, 20 April, 2016
2 Recommends
sha  *  22-Apr-2016
Tone is just a nice word for bleaching. Why you need to tone your face??Something wrong with it? Nothing wrong with most people's natural-born complexion.. You will only 'tone' if you think something wrong with it...
Overseer  *  21-Apr-2016
Is that all you got? Told you I took over the whole identity. History, culture and everything. LOL
Blattodea  *  21-Apr-2016
Those would be called psychedelic roachie
set up  *  21-Apr-2016
femme pouvoir can you tell me what you mean by "to look like a white roaches is the worst?" because I'm trying to understand you see all my life I've never seen a "white roach" Have you? Because some dont bleach but wear blond wigs or even dye their hair blond. So tell me are they considered "white roaches" as well? cause we see them walk the streets of SK every day.
LG  *  20-Apr-2016
LOL..Femme me outta that...i neither tan nor only tone i do is use de soap name tone and use a a little cocoa butter to tek de tom boy marks off me knees....LG is content wid de colour God give
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-Apr-2016
To tell the truth some people are good at this as others are not. To look like a white roaches is the worst. Or your knees and elbows still black like tar not good enough or if you were deported out of America or England and you want to show the people back home where you coming from you can bleach even though you were living in a Caribbean island or Africa.That is bleaching but LG and I we dont bleach we tone our faces. There is a difference.
LG  *  20-Apr-2016
Don't worry Lioness..LOL... LG got plenty more... Tun Cornmeal or Polenta....Bread and butter or Texas toast......Salt Fish Cake or Fish Balls... The list goes on....LOL... By de time LG done question she...she would give up de bleaching!
Lioness  *  20-Apr-2016
LG i aint able to go wid you tarl! I wonder if she asked her "chicken or steak" hahahahha.
Hotta  *  20-Apr-2016
Ha LG i nuh right
LG  *  20-Apr-2016
And is it me or this child hair grow more than 4 inches overnight (in one day)... TM you need to ask if..Coconut Oil or Argan And she look taller too... So Timbs or Stillettos
LG  *  20-Apr-2016
TM.. lol.. You forgot Cookout or Barbeque and is it held in Front Yard or Back Yard.. LoL... but don't you worry.. LG have a bunch of Stereotype questions on the flip side too like.... Mimosa or Gin and Juice!... (serious face now a done LOL... You not funny TM)..LOL
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