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But First Let Me Take A...
Wednesday, 25 May, 2016
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LG  *  27-May-2016
No C.. Just "Betty Davis Eyes"
CTDM  *  26-May-2016
LG i see you have Xray eyes sms...Thanks
LG  *  26-May-2016
It's there now... OMG... Thanks.. Good to see you
CTDM  *  26-May-2016
Which one would that be LG?...I believe i posted all
LG  *  26-May-2016
Mr censorship man or woman.. why are you holding my last post? lol... Chip is not a bad word
Hotta  *  26-May-2016
lolol sorry LG but i do no such thing dont mind the name am a good girl sms the only back up i do is when am driving lolol... am a church going bible in ha** well bible on phone type a gal
LG  *  26-May-2016
Hotta a very well know she meant SD card... lol... But my carrier does back up me information automatically.... You too busy doing de wrang kinda "Backing up" to know that Flow, Digicell, Limacol (whatever dey name is today)...They does back up tings too!
Hotta  *  26-May-2016
lolol LG dont think she will be doing any cussing, hmmm gave away my digi cam some time now lolol kinda miss it though
Hotta  *  26-May-2016
when she say chip she meant SD Card/ memory chip that has nothing to do with the carrier LG
Lioness  *  26-May-2016
Well saw partner more concern about taking pic of the helpless fella rather than helping the fella. What a world we live in smh.
LG  *  26-May-2016
Hotta..that is why anywhere you see LG..She have she Digital Camera over she shoulder.. Don't fully trust those phones yet..and de woman grieving and you goin ask she bout loan?..You may get some "Interest" in cuss.. Go on look for trouble.. lol..
LG  *  26-May-2016
Where are all the tech savvy Toonheads? Miss NB needs your help... Miss NB does the no chip means your carrier does not have access to back up your data? I would reach out to them
Hotta  *  26-May-2016
Ms NB ****wonder if this stands for National Bank i could do well with a loan **hidesface** this is not FB but anywayssss If you backup your photos all will be well always backup me say...lost all my photos once and i cried yes i did **sob sob*** still feeling it
Miss NB  *  26-May-2016
Imagine my s6 got a hot fall this morning and now it is not coming on at all, also no chip in those types of phone so all my pictures and everything gone. what to do help!!!! i feel like t crying knowing i didnt had it for long.. Oh well what is material things.. ...:(
Hotta  *  25-May-2016
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