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A Game Of Chance
Thursday, 26 May, 2016
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Miss NB  *  27-May-2016
i would have chosen the 3rd one.. but the best thing to do is carry the whole kit and let the man chose it himself lol
LG  *  26-May-2016
Ohhh.. Sorry.. my "50 Shades of Green" chart talking bout chartreuse.. Gyul I carnt even pronounce de Thank goodness is only type a have to type it.. that Park Ranger would be "pushing up daisies" if I had to decide which one to pick... lol
Lioness  *  26-May-2016
I'm with LG on this one lol. Except LG the second one looks more like neon green lol.
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-May-2016
Ene mene mino mo catch a snake bite let me see which anti venom good to go. LG green is green I would have taken all 4 to him.and let him chose or take some of all and place it in a vial like this and hand it over to him. deal is done dead
LG  *  26-May-2016
Well Hotta you know a woman would get this right ....LOL the far left one is Green... the second from the left is chartreuse Green... The third from left is Hunter or pine green and the last on the right is Lime green!... de answer is...(Drumroll please)... The first
Hotta  *  26-May-2016
hahahaa well by all means my dear Toby choose the greenest one lolol... out of order bout de man have two hands
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