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Who Wore It Better?
Tuesday, 14 June, 2016
2 Recommends
whine Up  *  15-Jun-2016
ha dats why i dare to be different i always stands out sms
LG  *  15-Jun-2016
WU what skin color you talking about???lol.... Women don't like to walk into an event and dress like another woman.. A done tell you all that..... Women don't dress to impress men....We dress to make sure we are the best looking eye candy in the room! LOL.. and RH.. never again would I go shopping wid Lioness and G-Baby...... Half off at the dollar store is not my thing!!!! LOL
whine Up  *  15-Jun-2016
to me these ppl look alike must be twins whats the big fusssss....different hairstyle and skin color but twinsies indeed lolol
Rough House  *  15-Jun-2016
LG, I told you not to shop at those cheap stores where G-Baby and Lioness shops.
LG  *  15-Jun-2016
Lioness... The way that dress fitting you...You carnt afford to drop your purse...LOL... If you try to bend down to pick it up all your "Coins" and your ATM goin show!....LOL
Lioness  *  15-Jun-2016
LG look how you like start tings eh. Girl my hair is all natural I don't even know how horse hair look lol. By the way my dress looks better bayyyeee! LOL
G-Baby  *  15-Jun-2016
Femme Pouvoir  *  15-Jun-2016
wow they all look lovely in what belong or may not belong to them clothing.Remember some love to borrow beg or theif,thats why it may look a bit washed out.Anyway different strokes different folks
Hotta  *  14-Jun-2016
why i do of course Hotta is the name hehehe
LG  *  14-Jun-2016
Lioness tek off me dress and ge back de horse he hair!. lol.... You said you was goin save yours for Christmas!. yeah.. and whats with that purse?.. LOL.. You Toonman always trying to send Yes we are competitive,, but a are you men cause it!...Lol.. bout "Twinsies".. de gyul put on me frock and look like a Twinkie!
mirajah  *  14-Jun-2016
lol ....a weak
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