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Woes Of Pregancy
Tuesday, 21 June, 2016
2 Recommends
Hotta  *  22-Jun-2016
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Big Fan  *  22-Jun-2016
testing, testing
Hotta  *  22-Jun-2016
LG sorry to laugh but Brahahahaha Wahahahaha somebody tek me up off de floor am rolling hehehehe
whine Up  *  22-Jun-2016
LG and Lioness what is this who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? well sorry itain me either I done expire like 6 babies ago
whine Up  *  22-Jun-2016
Amen Cavelle am coming in agreement with you, the bible says speak it as though it was, the power of life and death is in the tongue so be careful what you speak over your life
LG  *  22-Jun-2016
Hotta...This One big headed boy in my office had de nerve to tell me bout how my stomach get dung de hall 5 mins before me... A just tell him I never complain that his big head made it down the hall 10 min before the rest a he! he didn't talk to me for two years!...
cavelle  *  22-Jun-2016
i can't wait to be pregnant bad i want a baby boy a healthy one
Lioness  *  22-Jun-2016
LG ohhh that could never be me! LOL i done wid that, it must be Whine Up since she like to wine lol.
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
ha LG you killing me but so true and those nosey touchers....lolol
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
Well that must be Lioness then,,, but I remember those days.. People saying chupit things making me want to cry...ex.. Gurrrrl your huge... having twins?...when are you due?.. Poor me talking bout... Just one and due in 8 months... Girl I think I was pregnant for 12 months straight.. Hubby couldn't tell if I was walking backwards or forwards!...LOL
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
hahahaaa no more babies for Hotta too hot for big bellies lolol
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
Hotta are you pregnant or going through menopause?..You need to go through Preg-o-pause cause you got CO for a baby daddy!... A warned you already..LOL...Oh.. I want Goddy status..LOL
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