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Unwanted Guests
Monday, 4 July, 2016
3 Recommends
WTF  *  30-Aug-2016
how could 1 pest have so much diseases or illnesses? these scientist these days eh... they'll kill millions for billions...
LG  *  6-Jul-2016
CTY I think Jill has been reading Steve Harvey "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man" Chapter 11... She not giving away her "Cookies" unlike Rose...LOL... Dem Biting Insects like crumbs...LOL
Gramoni  *  6-Jul-2016
Misery likes company is a true saying. Yellow fever, chickungunya, and zika are all misery to anybody that contracts these viruses.
CTY  *  6-Jul-2016
Oh, those unwanted guests! Guys, I haven't seen Jill in a while for true. Ever since Rose promised her a cookie, she's been behaving.
Hotta  *  5-Jul-2016
hehehe mind you no get send home nuh LG
LG  *  5-Jul-2016
Hahaaar Ha Ha... "The Mosquito Diaries"..(Starring our very own Toonville Vampires..aka..The Jim Jones Crew)......LOL.. Lordt..You funny... Look ley me go do de people wuk you hear.. LOL
Hotta  *  5-Jul-2016
it seems dem having communion LG only one cup on de table brahahahaa....a believe Jill just want some de coolaid sms
LG  *  5-Jul-2016
LOL...Me never want call dem name LOL.. (me fraid cuss)....LOL>>>.. That's wha happen when you drink de "Red Kool-Aid".... See all a dem done tek a sip, now they waiting on Jill....... Strike that ...a mean Zika...LOL
Hotta  *  5-Jul-2016
lolol.... RH, PM and BF and thats Jill de outcast...heheheeee
LG  *  5-Jul-2016
Hotta....Dem three up there remind you of anybody?........LOL
Hotta  *  5-Jul-2016
sms coolio LG
LG  *  5-Jul-2016
Heard yesterday that mosquitoes and other bugs do not like "Vanilla Extract/Essence"..and... I know for certain that they stay away from "Downy Wipes"..... So Toon Peeps.. there's your new Mosquito repellent... Vanilla Extract perfume and Downy Wipes in your pocket as a handkerchief!..... Hotta & Lioness you will stay clean and sweet all day wid dis homemade recipe...LOL
Lioness  *  5-Jul-2016
Go away ZIka! Nobody wants you here!
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Jul-2016
I love this and the awareness it brings out as we are discussing in steps the infamous one Brother Zika.My dear toonville neighbours them things bite so hard you may think is an injection you had and days after you have the effect.the truth is no matter what you do you cant get rid of them.
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