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1st World problems
Monday, 8 August, 2016
2 Recommends
Lioness  *  11-Aug-2016
LG  *  11-Aug-2016
CTY that therapist session you went to......a mean CPL session... "How did your losing team feel about that"? (that beating they took)....Do they need Dr. Phil or Dr. Pill?...........
CTY  *  10-Aug-2016
As for you Hotta and the rest of the gang, if you must know, I got it from Teewee A.K.A TV.
CTY  *  10-Aug-2016
I told you guys not to ask me how I know about the Therapist sessions and you still ask? Tell a man not to do something and he will do it. Sorry I took so long to come back to Toonville guys...I was caught up in some Therapist..i mean CPL sessions.
Hotta  *  9-Aug-2016
Yes LG which is why i said hope you not just looking N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh hehehe.....I almost gave myself away but now you ley me out hidesface*....shhhhhh
LG  *  9-Aug-2016
Hotta.. This world is built up on people looking news..Every direction you look!...LOL.. N..north....E...east...W...west....S..south... All are we a look news... Is just that de therapist them get paid for worries though.. I'm also good at keeping secrets... "wink wink" ( a not going tell bout you and CTY)
Hotta  *  9-Aug-2016
well LG hope you not just looking dey news enuh hope you planning to help them gain their freedom....hehehe...CTY we waiting.....and am not very patient eh....maybe i need to see the Doc about that...hidesface*
LG  *  9-Aug-2016
Hotta.. Business have picked up. My clients (cat, dog, Monkey) are complaining... They feel oppressed! The donkeys have been given their freedom (thanks to everyone now owning automobile)... But the (cat, dog..monkey) are still being treated like second class citizens!.. Some humans have turned them into PETS (People Eating Tasty Snacks) while others treat them as toys (walking around with them in handbags)... They just want to be released back into the wilds so they could roam free!...How do you feel about that?.. They want to build a Wall to keep the humans out... So they voting for Chukie...Lol
choosen one  *  9-Aug-2016
inquiring minds want to know CTY, do spill d beans
Hotta  *  9-Aug-2016
how you know CTY...hehehe wa i want know is why de Doc is human and de patient an animal??? Where de Doc of Toonville LG?
CTY  *  8-Aug-2016
and then the Therapist gone ask "so, how do you feel about that?" Dem therapist always ask that question. Don't ask me how I know.
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